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  1. In the current developer preview 1 the treestore has a private inner class TreeModel.
    When trying to extend things you run into the problem that a) TreeModel is not visible to outer classes and b)...
  2. Hi,

    I tried to apply a custom background image style. The image itself comes base64 encoded
    and therefore the elements style should look like something similar to:

  3. Thank you for the hint!

    In our case there is a complex data binding structure, which tells the tree what items are to be selected. I am using a custom treegridselectionmodel class to be able to...
  4. Hi Sven,

    it seems like the nullpointer I got was a side effect. Although this is not really representing our use case
    I set up a clean GXT test project with the following classes:

  5. Hi,

    I'm just working on programatically selecting nodes within a TreeGrid.
    The GXT version we are working with is 2.1.3.

    When the TreeGridSelectionModel is created and initialized by TreeGrid...
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