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  1. By creating specific implementation of...

    By creating specific implementation of ValueProvider and use that

    private ValueProvider<Field, String> getValueProvider() {

    return new ValueProvider<Field, String>() {

  2. PropertyAcess : Define condition values for label in PropertyAcess

    I have a model called Field which has id and label.

    I have defined PropertyAcess as below and it works. I would like to change it in such a way that I can show label based on condition...
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    Hi, Did you figure it out ? I am in the...

    Did you figure it out ? I am in the similar situation. I need to add a double click handler for dualListField clicking on which I would like to move the content from source list to target...
  4. Implement double click for DualListField

    I am using DualListField from sencha. I would like to implement double click handler for this such that if any item is double clicked from the source list, it gets moved to target list.
  5. Extended the class and override button onClick methods.

    class CustomDualListField<D, T> extends DualListField<D, T> {

    public CustomDualListField(ListStore<D> fromStore, ListStore<D> toStore,
    ValueProvider<? super D, T> valueProvider,...
  6. DualListField widget in disabled mode does not disable buttons.


    I am using DualListField widget from sencha (com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.form.DualListField) as mentioned in this example (
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