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  1. Scratch that

    It turns out that the grid's itemupdate event DOES solve my problem! I just forgot to uncomment the one line of code in my itemupdate event handler that refocuses the field during all my testing.
  2. Further investigation

    So, I started logging all the events I could think of, and found that the currently selected field loses focus sometime after the grid's ITEMUPDATE event.

    Here are some pictures that show this....
  3. Form Field Validations mess with focus event using Model.set()

    Mac OSX 10.6
    Chrome 26
    ExtJs 4.1.3

    I'll try my best to explain.

    How to reproduce the bug:

    *Create a formPanel and a store to hold a record for the panel.
  4. Example

    Background for this simplified example:
    I have a formPanel with fields and a gridPanel. I have a store attached to the grid.
    I listen to the grid's 'select' event, and load the formPanel with the...
  5. Sorry, I messed up my description. I am using the...

    Sorry, I messed up my description. I am using the Model.set() method, not the method, when it blurs, just in case anyone is confused.

    I've swapped in ExtJs 4.2.0, and I still get the...
  6. Model.set() method blurs currently focused field in form panel

    Problem: whenever I call Model.set(field, newvalue), it causes the currently focused field in my form panel to lose focus! Is there any way I can make it so that set() does not blur the currently...
  7. Thanks for the input. For my app, I am using a...

    Thanks for the input.

    For my app, I am using a DelayedTask in response to a user initiated event, not a repeated task I want to do. So, I don't know if TaskRunner will help me much (there doesn't...
  8. How to tell if DelayedTask currently has a pending task

    So, I have a DelayedTask set up, and I want to know if there is currently a pending delay() task.

    For argument's sake...

    myFunction = function(){ console.log( "Hello" ) };
    myDelay = new...
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    Stopwatch Solution

    I don't know if you still need a solution, but look at the documentation for Ext.util.TaskManager (and also Ext.util.TaskRunner). There is code for a Stopwatch function.

    This might be what you...
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    Me too (*Bump*)

    I get this problem as well.

    The following simplified refs syntax breaks with "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'charAt' of undefined".

    'myComponent':'#myItemId myxtype'
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    Domo Domo

    Thanks ayanatsume, works like a charm!

    Just in case anyone else was confused with this fix in Ext Js 4, to set textField.emptyText correctly on the fly, you need to encase the string value in...
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    Not fixed in 4.1

    I upgraded to Ext Js 4.1, and this still does not appear to be fixed.

    Anybody know the current status of this bug fix?
  13. Firebug bug

    We all know that Ext Js and firebug don't always play nicely with each other. I bet you were using firebug.

    I got that same error randomly with Ext Js 4.1. I refreshed my app and it disappeared....
  14. [NOREPRO] Bug status?

    I upgraded to Extjs 4.1.1, and this bug still exists (assuming I'm building my app up soundly).

    I was just wondering if this was ever going to be addressed. It's a pretty annoying bug, so I'm...
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    Thanks Scott! It works like a charm.

    Thanks Scott! It works like a charm.
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    Update: So, it turns out that any textfield...


    So, it turns out that any textfield takes quite a bit of time to process when using setReadOnly(), not just the comboboxes.
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    Combobox setReadOnly() function too slow!

    Extjs Version: 4.1.0

    I was wondering why the setReadOnly() function is so slow.

    When you use setReadOnly() on a combo box, it has to re-render it in order to remove the trigger button.

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    [CLOSED] I get the same thing w/ FF 13

    I get the same problem with scrolling within a grid component in Firefox 13. I tried it in Chrome 20, and didn't have that problem. I am using Ext Js 4.1.0 and am running OS X 10.6.8.
  19. Issue Resolved

    So it turns out that Prototype doesn't conflict with Ext Js 4 in the template I am using. It was the CSS that was actually causing the problem. Apparently CSS affects SVG tags as well.

  20. Chart SVG not working with prototype/scriptaculous

    I am having a problem getting my charts to render correctly inside my institution's web template that uses prototype/scriptaculous. I've tried with both a column bar chart and a pie chart, and both...
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    Printer Plugin w/ Action Columns

    I'm not sure what you are referring to when you say you 'tried that before'...

    I was able to get the printer plugin to work with action columns by hacking the code a little bit. I also changed the...
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    Printer Plugin doesn't work with action columns

    This plug in doesn't seem to work with action columns. In Printer.js, some of the algorithms under the print() function that deal with the columns throw an error when it gets to the action column I...
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