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  1. Yes

    It is possible.
  2. Gird`s must is ModelKeyProvider, but I do not have such

    I want to use Grid table for displaying data. But it demands unique key from my dto and I do not have such unique field.
    How can I bypass that?
  3. Solved!

    It seems something wrong was with my code.
    I used PropertyAccess generator instead of manual writing code for Grid ColumnConfig and now it`s working fine.
  4. Grid->ColumnConfig->setMenuDisabled: issue

    I have grid generalized by my dto. I have 2 columns config and I setMenuDisabled(true) on second one.
    Then menu disappears from second column as it was meant.
    But icon showing direction of sorting...
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    ?k. I got it.
    need to create InfoConfig, then setDisplay and pass that object to Info.display(infoConfig)
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    How specify time for Info.display(...)?

    In docs about Info it is said:
    Displays a message in the bottom right region of the browser for a specified amount of time.

    I need to have message box shown a little bit longer.

    So how I can...
  7. Solution

    I was using GXT version 3.0.0
    I updated to version 3.1.1 and now it works fine.
  8. BorderLayoutContainer doesn`t accept ContentPanel created thou uibinder

    I have next piece of code:

    BorderLayoutContainer container = new BorderLayoutContainer(); BorderLayoutData layoutData = new BorderLayoutData(200);
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