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  1. All the singletons are fully qualified with namespace so:


    and all in the Sencha CMD created app...
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    I think that a nice feature would be a resolve of requirements as menu option or hotkey. So that it can be done on demand.
  3. I have the following problem.

    I am using PHPStorm (Windows) with the Jetbrains plugin. But not the following problem occurs when it automatically resolves the requirements:

    My situation (as...
  4. I had a link to the download in my Sencha Complete portal. This was Sencha's reply when I asked for the key:


    Hi Johan,

    I am so sorry, the download was put into the portal for the EXT...
  5. Arthur, Thank you for you answer, but I am still not convinced. The difference between Sencha and other software companies is in my belief that you promote a new product and when the product is done...
  6. It seems that people of Sencha all have a politicians communication training. Why is it so hard to give an answer to a question asked. You advertise with a new product Sencha Inspector. In fact you...
  7. That's the issue, it maybe has on additional costs, but as you said it is for Ext JS Premium customers. My Sencha Complete has been upgraded since 1st of July to Ext JS Pro. So, it seems we are...
  8. Well Sencha managed again to create confusion here. On the website there is no information at all on how much the Inspector costs. I am a Sencha Complete customer and I see that the Inspector is for...
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    The link in "You are viewing Ext JS...." is wrong. Should be: instead of:

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    That would really be sad, to pay a 1000 bucks, just to see some videos. As you said, these videos help people to work with Sencha products. Or is it to discourage GPL developers? Well, paying...
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    I really don't understand that Sencha is so rigid in their customer binding and customer loyality promotion. As a paying customer I think it is very sad that if you have no opportunity to attend...
  12. I have the following situation:

    2 workspaces (one as portal for end users and one for admin) with each more more applications.

    I use Sencha CMD, Ext JS 5.1 and the Jetbrains plugin for...
  13. Works great! Debugging got really annoying lately without it.
  14. See this article I wrote last year on how to post an array with Ext.Ajax to the server.
  15. Small remark to "selected.items.raw.Archivo" versus "item.get("Archivo"). With the first one you handpick the data directly from the object and with the "item.get" you are using a function which is...
  16. Now I see what you mean. And the URL's that you want to open are they already existing (that means, can they be opened also by putting the URL in the browser)?

    You can do this with Ajax. What you...
  17. You're right, I didn't even tried that.
  18. ovf
  19. That's what I said :-?.
  20. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

    And remember if you change the fiddle from ExtJS 4 to ExtJS 5, change the Ext.appyIf in the grid to Ext.apply.

    How exactly should the links be opened in...
  21. After the store is loaded (callback) save the index of the record that needs to get the focus in the object and use this on the expand event trigger. See the response of @renato01 how to do that with...
  22. What you call 'identifier' is in fact the namespace. That it the folder path where Ext JS is looking for when it searches the source for the class. And that namespace has to be unique. So you can't...
  23. Sometimes the offered idea is the best idea. How many helpers are we talking about? > 10 or > 100?
  24. The xTemplate from the the former reply is very nice, this one is by using the convert setting of a calculated field in a model.

  25. Don't worry it will work. Just look carefully add the grid in the Fiddle, that contains all the tricks.
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