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  1. Did you ever find an answer on this? I'm trying...

    Did you ever find an answer on this? I'm trying to do exactly this.
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    Does filtering on the client side work with the buffered renderer? I thought I had it working but when I try to apply a filter, it only shows those records that are in the viewing pane instead of...
  3. Will buffered infinite scroll accomplish this?

    I'm using a grid to display records with only 4 columns. I'm also using a row expander but data is only loaded into it when the row is expanded, and one of the columns is a component column.

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    I also want to do this and I'm looking at the...

    I also want to do this and I'm looking at the buffered grid example. My data is coming from an ajax request to retrieve json. I cannot seem to get the example to work using my store. How do you...
  5. Was a solution ever found for this issue?

    Was a solution ever found for this issue?
  6. Window inside a tab panel to position to browser?


    I have a tab panel where one of the tabs loads another page as an iframe. The page that loads in the iframe opens an extjs window. However, the window is positioned inside the iframe. Is...
  7. el.getBoundingClientRect is not a function in FireFox

    I'm trying to open an extjs Window. It works fine in IE but in FireFox I get a javascript error that says tat el.getBoundingClientRect is not a function. Its pointing at the getXY method in the...
  8. Create tabs separately before creating tab panel

    I need to have a specific tab active by default depending on the url. I was going to create the tab panel and then set the active tab, but this shows the first tab as active and then switches to the...
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    Should I move to using Extjs MVC features?


    Currently I have an ASP.NET MVC application that is utilizing the Extjs grid component on a couple of pages and then the window component. Up until now, we have simply separated the .js...
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    Disable a combobox item?

    Is there a built-in way for a combobox item to be disabled so that it still shows but clicking on it does nothing?

    Thanks in advance...
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    Combobox - Display a "Select" option

    I have a combobox containing different options. I need the user to select one. However, I do not want any options selected as default, nor do I want the combobox to start out blank. I would like...
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    Using combobox with different items per row

    I really like this component. I am able to get the combobox working in a grid column. However, what I need is to have the options in the combobox be different for each row. Is this possible? I...
  13. addcls null error with textfield when handling isdirty change

    I have a textfield and when the value of the textfield changes, I check a condition. If the condition is true, I want to show a window.

    In the change event of the textfield, a null exception is...
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    Check if row is expanded?

    Is there a way to check if the row is expanded before toggling it using the row expander plug in? Or is there a method that just expands it (and does nothing if it's already expanded) or just...
  15. Grouping summary and a final total summary in a grid?

    Currently I have a grid with a grouping summary that works great. However, I would like a summary row at the bottom that gives a total for all items. Can I have both? I tried adding both features,...
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    Hide RowExpander +/- column


    I have a check box column that I am using to show/hide the rowexpander section. Therefore, I need to hide the column that contains the +/- icons. I can get the icon to not show via CSS, but...
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    Trigger loading message with grid


    I have a grid on a page along with a details section. The details section needs to display the details of the item selected in the grid. On page load, I retrieve the grid data and then...
  18. Thread: Tab CSS How To

    by deving

    Tab CSS How To

    I am trying to update the css for a tab layout I have created. I'm having trouble determining what classes apply to what elements of the tabs. The look needs to be very different from the default...
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    Grid inside a Tab (using a loader)

    I have a page that contains a grid. I want to load this page into a tab in a tab panel.

    First, how do I catch the grid events (such as an item click)? The events occur when I use the page...
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    The issue is that when I'm debugging, the url is...

    The issue is that when I'm debugging, the url is never even called. I'm always getting javascript errors before the data is even asked for. So I just need a very very simple example that I can start...
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    Basic Tree example using url for json data

    I'm just starting to use Extjs. I'm using ASP.NET MVC and I have a page that returns Json data. I now need a tree that can consume and display that data. I have tried many, many samples and...
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    ModelManager null?

    I'm new to Extjs and I'm trying to create a tree using a treestore that pulls data from a url. I'm getting a javascript runtime error of: "Ext.ModelManager is null or not an object" Any ideas?
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