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  1. Any progress?

    We are currently working around the problems with the REST API using:

    Sencha specific hacks for simple APIs
    A custom HTTP header that triggers a middleware for complex APIs.
    This is far from a...
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    149,605 paths config

    In the constructor of, the paths config is used to add paths to the loader (just as appFolder is used for the application files). This useful config is not documented.
  3. I think that REST apis with an idempotent create...

    I think that REST apis with an idempotent create method are common enough to deserve their own IdempotentRESTfulProxy subclass of (the suggested) RESTfulProxy with a slightly different default...
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    isValid missing?

    This works great, however isValid() seems to be missing (or I am using it wrong). This fixed it for me:

    isValid: function() {
    return this.dateField.isValid() &&...
  5. Things I would like in the REST proxy

    I have not seen any updates on this, so I would like to add my thoughts.

    My experience with REST interfaces are from developing them using Django and Spring. I would like to use ExtJS without...
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    Small bug?

    I had to change:

    setMessage: function(msg) {

  7. +1 for proper RESTful support:)

    +1 for proper RESTful support:)
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