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  1. It returns a number, as expected, when I switch to the Ext adapter.
  2. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.2 RC1

    Adapter used:

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    Me too. nathaniel.irwin.

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    Good question. This is something the NPS is working on.
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    That is basically it, although there is a bit more going on than that. An application built in the framework can consume any type of geospatial service, including all of the OGC standards (GeoRSS,...
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    Well, to keep it simple, it is going to be the vehicle through which National Park Service parks, programs, etc. build and deliver maps to their users (including internal users and the general...
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    It is a web mapping framework that I am working on for the National Park Service. It is called NPMap, and should be available for public consumption early next calendar year.
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    Yeah, it worked fine for me with 3.0+ at first, but when I started using Tooltips on a dataview that was nested in the east region of a viewport, I ran into some problems. See the screenshots below....
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    I'm having some issues with this override and Ext 3. Does anyone know if there is a fix for 3.0+ or if this is going to be fixed in a future version of Ext?

    Maybe this should/could be moved to the...
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    I had this same problem.
  11. I ended up overriding the ComboBox class to get this behavior.

    In my opinion, though, the ability to turn off this auto select should be configurable.
  12. I had an override in that was messing with the nested layouts. After taking it out, this seems to work fine for me now.
  13. Okay, figured it out. I had an override in that was causing this issue.

    So, to summarize, I was able to nest border layouts and everything worked correctly.
  14. I'm seeing a similar issue. Did you find a workaround (other than rendering and then collapsing)?
  15. I'm doing something similar, and am experiencing your "problem 2".

    Did you ever find a solution? I haven't dug in at all yet, but can if needed.
  16. Can you change the name to something without colons and use mapping to map it to the json?

    {name: "client:id", mapping: "clientId", type: "int"},{name: "client:name", mapping: "clientName"}
  17. Thanks for this. Very helpful.
  18. bump
  19. The 2.2 library download is missing yui-utilities.js.

    I have successfully migrated an application to 2.2 using the yui-utilities.js from 2.1 (and it doesn't seem to break anything), but the file...
  20. Doesn't look like it.

    I just posted this in the premium help forum:
  21. bump.
  22. I second.
  23. I'm looking for a way to do this, as well.

    In my case, I'm doing a full-text search on a store and showing the values returned in the dropdown. I don't, however, want to autoselect the first value...
  24. We (whereyougonnabe?) are using Ext 2.0.2, but are about to update to 2.1.

    The app is using the TabPanel, GridPanel, and a number of form controls.
  25. Thanks, this helped.
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