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  1. Hi

    Anyone any ideas why this chart interactions is not triggering 'show' event?

    xtype: 'chart',
    store: 'ShopStockTotal',
    axes: [
  2. upon doing a sencha app build production, the chrome 43 overrides do not seem to work no more.
    no error logging happening, the startup process seems to load into the endless :(
    can anyone verify?
  3. also scrollable fullscreen panels seem to act weird when trying to scroll to bottom.hope chrome releases another update asap. or any inputs from Sencha how to solve this dilemma?
  4. Does anybody know a way how to define a Header-Footer tag within an XTemplate?
    I need to have a opening/closing div and header title for the data in between.

    Any feedback is highly appreciated....
  5. This seems to do the trick also:

    viewport: {
    autoMaximize: true
  6. Thanks for the hint, I tried this approach and it seems to work fine.
    Another container is added to the card layout, so to imitate the article change event I just do a card switch with the fade...
  7. Is there an easy way to get the following config working in a container:

    direction: 'both',
    directionLock: true

    In my case the directionLock does not seem to have...
  8. thanks for that quick response.
    this helps to understand the dom-component-registration process a bit better.

    what do you mean with: ?
    do you set something like extra itemNames for each...
  9. I am trying to use the same view (container dataview) in two different card layouts.

    however, if I try to update the dataview using Ext.ComponentQuery.query('xtype-mydataview container'), it...
  10. thanks for the feedback.
    i tried this workaround in the toolbar config:

    bottom: === 'Chrome' && ? '40px' : null,

    does not work cause IOS Chrome is sending...
  11. For some reason the bottom docked Toolbar will not be displayed on Google Chrome 26.0.1410.53 and iPhone5:

    xtype: 'toolbar',
    docked: 'bottom',
  12. ok, as a workaround i did something like that which does the job just fine:

    set up a card layout which contains the form and a nestedlist.
    the nestedlist contains the data for the selectfield.
  13. Is there any chance to define a treestore in in the picker store config (!/api/Ext.picker.Picker)

    or what would be a good way to handle such a requirement?

  14. ok, it seems that defaultPhonePickerConfig within the selectfield config can help to do the trick :)

    defaultPhonePickerConfig : {
    slots : [
  15. is there an easy and quick way to define a form 'selectfield' with multiple slots?
    pretty much the same way as this is possible using the ext.picker element.

    xtype: 'selectfield',
  16. Replies
    well, at the moment both have the same proxies and same model defined. but thats not an optimized way to do it right?
    i want to only have one proxy for the "main" store and then just copy all its...
  17. Replies
    i struggle to get two stores with identical values retrieved by a single jsonp call.
    i tried using an onload store listener and then copy the value manually into the other store, but this doesnt...
  18. looks just what i needed :)
    did you get that piece of code working in sencha touch 2 as well?
    looks like the list element doesnt have the scroller functionality...

    dont worry, just took out some...
  19. hey, thanks for the reply.
    unfortunately this didnt work in my case. i got three different detailcards which have their own logic and are shown thru a card layout :)

    this ugly workaround did the...
  20. Replies

    another little concern i pumped into:
    is type->jsonp supported in this release?

    i got errors when building a productive built:

  21. Whats an easy and nice solution to go back to the root folder of a nestedlist?
    The nestedlist contains a card layout for its multiple detailcards.

  22. thanks for the response, but this didn't help either.
    will just go back to the old-fashioned-kinda way of having a separate store and do the linking with filters instead :)
  23. Model Item

    Ext.define('stockwiz.model.Item', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    fields: [
    { name: '_id', type: 'string' },
    { name: 'name', type:...
  24. After extending and compiling app.scss with

    z-index: 100 !important;

    Ext.Msg got the higher z-index.

    But I am still experiencing the same troubles as you mentioned :(
  25. ah good one, thanks heaps that worked out just well:

    itemTpl: new Ext.XTemplate(
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