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  1. Hi,

    One of my S3 and HTC devices (Android OS 4.x) accept only 64 characters in the text field, even though the max character limit is 255 characters.
    Did anyone face such an issue earlier? ...
  2. Hi,

    We have implemented selectfield (spinner) on iPhone 4S, iOS6, packaged using Cordova 2.6 (phonegap).
    The done button on the spinner sometimes does not respond to the touch/ tap of the...
  3. Hi,

    Hope this is not too late to answer your query.
    You could use Ext.XTemplate to dynamically apply the disabled CSS property
    And can handle itemtap listener to abort the request for a...
  4. Thanks mitchellsimoens!. Got your point.
    Now I am using itemId instead.
    But still facing same issues.
    As mentioned in the above post, the application stops responding when lot of zoom in and zoom...
  5. Removed all the id configs. Still not working.
    This particularly occurs when we do a lot of zooming on map component.
    Any views on this.
  6. Yes, id config is used. But in controller refs.
    Does that affect the listeners?
  7. Hi,

    I am facing a wierd issue with my sencha touch 2.0 application which is packaged with phonegap
    After navigating/playing around with the application for a while, none of the listeners of...
  8. Thanks for your reply.
    I had thought of that and tried using Ext.device.Geolocation instead.
    It didn't work.
    I am packaging my application with Phonegap.
    And after some investigation I found that...
  9. Hi,

    I am building an application that shall use the user's current location.
    I have used Ext.util.Geolocation for this purpose.
    Following is the code snippet that I am using:

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    I am using a treestore associated with a dataview. We have to search on this view. I am applying store filter to search data from treestore. But as soon as I apply clearfilter to my...
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    I had a similar scenario when I had to hide the back button.
    The scenario had to show back buttons in on iphone (iOS) but not on Android.
    The Android device back button had to serve the navigation...
  12. If you meant adding the css to cache then mainfest configuration settings are required.
    Add those entries in app.json


    "appCache": {
    * List of items in the CACHE...
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    Unfortunately, it was difficult for me to understand the example you mentioned in the example. But check if can use "XTemplate" and apply those conditions to display your data.
  14. You can use either "CORS" if you wish to use AJAX APIs or JSONP APIs directly.

    Please provide more information on your issue.
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    Two ways to tackle your your issue:-
    1) Change your server code to wrap JSON in a callback. Check how JSONP can be implemented in your server side code on internet.
    2) Apply CORS (Cross origin...
  16. What is the exact issue? Is your map not displayed on the screen?
    If yes, try giving some height to your map component.
  17. You can probably write a logic to calculate the height based on the size of content that you are displaying.
  18. I had a similar issue and resolved by hard-coding the height of the list view.
  19. Hi,

    I have an application with Sencha touch 2.1 SDK packaged with phonegap 2.3,on Android 4.0.1
    I have a view with multiple panels, with a panel that is docked at the top.
    This panel...
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    I guess that your image element is not loaded in your DOM while your init is called.

    If you shall try getting image.element.getX() on tap of image.. you shall get the required output as the image...
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    Check if you have added images for startup screen for all resolutions.

  22. I am also facing the issue... :s:s
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    Did you try this:

    var image = Ext.get("image-id");
  24. What is the Android version of all your devices?
  25. I have a non-sencha solution.

    Try this.

    function changeStyle(samplediv)
    { samplediv.class="TheTextOn";"blue";
    Ext.define('SampleApp.view.View1', {
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