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  1. I believe I tried that as well. It doesn't help the cause. But I'll try again since you mentioned it.
  2. I had only one require on top of main.js (basically the app.js in examples).
    Like Ext.require(['Ext.Viewport','']);

    I updated later to have the require include grid and tree...
  3. I tried to use sencha create jsb on some of my project but the files[] are always empty like below:

    { "projectName": "Project Name",
    "licenseText": "Copyright(c) 2011 Company Name",
  4. Nice! Keep up the good work!
    Keep me posted when it's all worked out. \:D/
  5. Yep, I did. And they were absolute paths with no spaces in between.
  6. I tried to use sencha create jsb -a index.html -p app.jsb3 command to build jsb from my index.html. There is no response after the command, only a line break was displayed. No jsb3 file was generated...
  7. I followed the video demo here:

    The code is from sencha touch's examples/device, the code is able to run properly in Safari 5.1...
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