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  1. Ok, I finaly did it, thanks to you :)
    This solution has resolved all my others problem (i.e. tab switching and dropdown which reload my page).

    This is what I do, I'm not realy sure that is the...
  2. Hi everybody,
    I'm working on an application based on Ext tree for few weeks. I've almost finish it, but it still remains problems on it.

    1) The "tab" key in Firefox

    In each branch of my tree...
  3. Is it impossible ?
  4. root.appendChild(
    new Ext.tree.TreeNode({ text: '<span id="l'+ +'" class="line"></span>',
    expanded: true,
  5. Even if I replace "div" by "<span>" I've got the same error !
  6. Hi everybody,
    I insert a div in a tree's branch like this :

    var newBranch = new Ext.tree.TreeNode({ text: '<div id="l2" style="display: inline" class="line"></div>' });

    It works fine, but I...
  7. Thanks :)
  8. So, I can't use Ext.encode with an array like this ?

    var arr = new Array();

    arr['foo'] = 'foo';
    arr['boo'] = 'boo';
    For the moment, I do like this :
  9. var arr = new Array();

    arr['foo'] = 'foo';
    arr['boo'] = 'boo';

    Ext.encode(arr) => []
  10. Hi everybody,
    I would like to know if it's the normal behavior of Ext.encode to return an empty string if the array pass in parameter works with string's key ?

    Is there any way to use Ext.encode...
  11. If I specified the div in the render method it works fine on firefox, thanks animal :)
  12. It has to work like that right ?
    I havn't the same behavior than samples.

    I'm not realy sure to understand what you are saying.
    I havn't only a combobox per node, there are few inputs and...
  13. It appears when i click inside the tree node.
    If I expand all the tree, there is no visible combobox.
    I want a combobox which is visible without any click.
  14. I don't realy get what you want me to do.
    If I remove the el element the tree won't render because it doesn't know where to render.
  15. The combo box only appears when i click on the empty branch.
  16. I just can't drag them.
    It's like you tried to drag the reply image on this forum.
  17. states = [
    ['AL', 'Alabama'],
    ['AK', 'Alaska'],
    ['AZ', 'Arizona'],
    ['AR', 'Arkansas'],
    ['CA', 'California'],
    ['CO', 'Colorado'],
    ['CN', 'Connecticut'],
    ['DE', 'Delaware'],
  18. Is that an Extjs bug or a problem in my code ?
  19. I need help on this because for the moment I'm insering some html directly in my tree. A drop down to be exact, and I've got a strange behaviour with it.

    I hope comboboxes will solve this problem.
  20. Same problem, the combo box only appears after a click on the empty area.
  21. Yeah, I was surprised to see this and firebug is reporting no error.
  22. Hi everybody,
    I hope this will be one of the latest problem with my app (I still need to serialize my tree...).
    My tree is working under IE6 and Firefox, but the drag & drop is not working under...
  23. Ok I solved the problem.
    The init function has to be the first one.
  24. Ok, here is the complete code :

    * Main class of the application.
    * Manage the tree and some variables.
    * @ author Descamps Antoine
    * @ date 06/05/09
  25. Thanks, I was one comma which wasn't needed, and I added parens to but now I've got the same problem with which runes into the public part of the class.
    I tried to add...
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