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  1. Thank you israelroldan for the response. You mean to say that i can't form the hasMany association for json tags with singular names(deliveryOption)? If yes, is there any way we can override...
  2. Hi,

    I am facing an issue in model association in EXTJS 5. Can someone help me to understand what went wrong in the below code sample.

    Response JSON :
  3. Can you try passing the header information for the request?

    new Ext.Ajax.request({
    url: 'CustomerServlet',
    headers : {
    contentType : 'text/plain;...
  4. Are you performing the remote sort or local sort in the store?
  5. Instead of using the inline event handler use the named function, which will be used as reference while un registering the events. Try with the below code. Hope this might help you.

  6. Are you recreating the window object every time you open?
    If yes, Then you need to unregister the load event before close/destroy of window. Use an un method to un register the load event.
  7. Hi,
    After running our application against chrome timeline, i see there are multiple warnings for conatiner.add() call. I have tried suspending and resuming layouts at required places. When i checked...
  8. Why don't you handle your click event inside the view. It can be captured this way.

    var bar = Ext.define('Gamma.view.BarColumnChart', {
    extend: 'Ext.chart.Chart',
  9. I am not sure, i understood your question properly.
    You want to call an event on bar chart to execute itemmousedown handler code?
  10. Jeet,

    You can fire a event on view object. Please try with the below code

    listeners: {
    itemmousedown: function (obj) {
    alert(['source'] + ' &' +...
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    You don't need to pass any parameter for pop. pop will always returns you last element.
    Yes you can loop through array if you want to read all the elements.

    var i, length = array.length;...
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    Use the push function to store the data and pop for retrieving.

    var array = [];
    //to store
    //to retrieve
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    Why don't you try loading it synchronously?

  14. You can use newline character for moving to next line.

    textArea.setValue(textArea.getValue() + 'foo' + '\n'+'foo');
  15. Why don't you use'111') function of combo.
  16. You can have listener on the proxy object to capture the service exceptions. Below code might help you.

    var targheStore = Ext.create('', {
    model: modelloTarga,
  17. This is the reported bug in sencha. You can refer to
  18. Another way is to make the combo disabled true and set the disabledCls with opacity 1. Try with the below code.

    set disabled : true,
    disabledCls : 'opacity-full',

    cls class -
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    You can use the add method of store. Try with carStore.add(results[1])
  20. If you are intention is to set the value of the combo based on valueField, you can try the below code. Yes the setter for valueField is not there in combo.

    var selectedModel =...
  21. vijayakumar,
    You can use setValue() method to set the combo value dynamically.
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    I don't think we have the standard config as toolTip for (Image, action,items and label). So it will not work. Sencha should consider providing toolTip as a standard config for these components.
  23. Thanks slemmon, But i am using 4.1.3.
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    You can assign toolTip in the afterrender of the label or image. Try with the below code

    xtype : 'label',
    text : 'abc',
  25. Any help on this?
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