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  1. The way I handle this is by using JSP/PHP to my advantage. Design your application so that you can easily wrap access checks using your templating system ? I do this using a session object which...
  2. The grid is very close to functioning correctly but I believe there should be an option to force the 2nd column to fill.
    autoExpandColumn doesn't seem to be working correctly either in this...
  3. The problem here is that the second column does not expand to fill the remaining space. :-(
    autoFit: true in the viewConfig sadly does not change this.
  4. It's been posted time and time again. The code I'm using is Animal's code from 2008. This code does not seem effective anymore.

    Please note that it errors in IE and while it fails to error in...
  5. I should mention -- this really isn't that big of a deal for me -- I can workaround this easily using manual assignment. Do you have to create the object within the context of another for 'ref' to...
  6. var ptb = new Ext.PagingToolbar({
    pageSize: parms['pageSize'],
    displayInfo: true,
    displayMsg: parms['displayMsg'],
    emptyMsg: "",
  7. Hello all,
    I'm looking for a simple way to globally link a pagingtoolbar to it's given grid in my code. For instance, in some places I am doing this:

    var grid = new ....;
    grid.ptb =...
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    I've been using Eclipse almost exclusively for the past 3 years for commercial projects... Let me tell you, I'm not using it by choice -- it's what we use. Any machine with less than a *ton* of...
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    This has been posted several times already.
  10. Interesting. I've never seen that used before.
  11. For the "store is loading", do you mean: !Ext.isDefined(store.totalLength) && !store.lastOptions ??
    The !!store.lastOptions just threw me for a loop. :)

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    Hello, I am trying to modify the Ext Calendar for our own internal purposes. Of course, this involves me modifying the Edit Event functionality with a custom form and hooking it into our database...
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    I have modified the EventEditWindow 'updateRecord' function to initiate an AJAX request for saving.

    My only question is now how to force the calendar to refresh. In the success handler of the AJAX...
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    I suppose it really depends on your application architecture and design. You mentioned having nice SEO-friendly links like /typeofinfo/postnumber -- that's a webserver configuration thing, e.g....
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    How about using iframes and maybe opening up the external link as a draggable div in your app.... (i.e. maybe inside a popped up Ext.Window?) Just a thought. May be undesirable.
  16. Oh, right. I totally forgot about those links :) We have a pretty specialized app here so I guess I spaced on 'the ExtJS way'.
  17. There's two options: 1) Store the localized text in a database and cache/retrieve it as necessary using inlined method calls.
    2) Store the localized text in some code files and call methods to...
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    For disabling drag events+select range do this:
    1) Set enableDD: false in your CalendarView.js file

    2) ... Then to disable 'add events' find test-app.js and search for 'dayclick', it would look...
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    He just gave you the correct answer.... use json_encode() in php. See for more information if you're not sure.
  20. Right. The only correct cross-browser solution would be for his app to accept a CSV file as upload. Then not only would he support Excel but OpenOffice too!

    Of course, if this is an intranet app,...
  21. See this link here for more info:
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    SOLVED :) Apparently, my problem was related to the region layout configuration and the usage of the autoHeight: true parameter which is apparently not correct with grids?
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    And it still doesn't work. Seriously, this can't be that hard, I've got other instances of similar things working, but nothing this complicated.

    West region - treepanel, center region 2 form...
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    I removed all notions of a tab panel, it's just the regions now -- with a center region that has 2 form panels and a grid now.
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    I made it so the grid is displayed (hidden: false) on load and go figure, the scrollbar appears for half a second and then vanishes... So apparently it's not the problem I thought it was.

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