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  1. It bring me a strange problem,the gxt 2.0 worked well before i download a chrome.
    I down a Chrome this morning,and i wrote a little codes.After setting the chrome as the default internet browser,i...
    The pic is up now.
  3. I want to build a chart with two Yaxis .I post the pic below,somebody knew it please help me.

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    I used "rooPanel.get().clear;rooPanel.get().add(new class which extends composite)" to index one page to another page. But the gxt has a bug that rooPanel.get().clear will throw exceptions,see...
  5. It is a bug ,i think it should be fixed as soon as possible in public release..
  6. Thank u, and when dose the next release published.?
  7. exception details:

    [ERROR] Uncaught exception escaped (TypeError): 对象不支持此属性或方法
    number: -2146827850
    description: 对象不支持此属性或方法
  8. hi all.
    MY codes here :
    public class Gwt_test2 implements EntryPoint {
    public void onModuleLoad() {
    loginPanel loginPanel=new loginPanel();
  9. Thanks, man!
    I did like these,and also get some problem.
    I post my code hope u can help me again.

    grid.addListener(Events.CellClick, new Listener<BaseEvent>(){

    public void...
  10. thanks micheal!
    I did like what you say right now.
    But there still have some problem.
    I post my code ,hope you can help me again.

    grid.addListener(Events.CellClick, new...
  11. thank you kolli.
    Can i get the cell value where i click.?
  12. Hi all.
    There is a grid called "Building" in my project.And one column is named "building project".
    And i want to do that when i click (or double click ) the column cell i want to do an action that...
  13. hi,all.
    I get a list<Object> like showDetailList<detailInfo> from server by RPC.
    And also i put them in to a grid ,and add a toolbar using pageingLoader.
    And i want to add a button("export") tp...
  14. hi all
    i want to add TreePanel into an accodinglayout.i want to do that when i check a note of the tree than do sth..

    ContentPanel cpanel=new ContentPanel();
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    and thank you, gslender .
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    hi every one .
    i have a question need some help.
    i used datefield in formpanel ,i want to cast the date to formatter like"20090909", usually i used java.text.dateformat and ...
  17. public class Gwt_test2 implements EntryPoint {
    public void onModuleLoad() {

    final ContentPanel aC =new ContentPanel();
  18. it was fixed . and i paste the code below.

    checkbox1.addListener(Events.Change, new Listener<BaseEvent>(){
    public void handleEvent(BaseEvent be) {
  19. hi,all
    i am new in using ext-gwt ,today i use checkbox and checkbox group ti make a item like selectall. i make some checkboxs ,and at last i want to make a checkbox to check all checkbox when it...
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