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  1. Hi jratcliff,
    Would you please send a pre-release version to me?

    My Mail

  2. Thnaks you.

    I will looking forward to this website.
  3. I have redownload extnd b3 from this forum.
    My have try browser IE8 / IE9 / FF 19 / Chrome 20.0.1132.57 / Safari 5.1.4
    I get the same situation.
    If I use the domiono's outline and "accordion"...
  4. Hi jratcliff,
    Good Day.

    I use the sample file main-beta2.html in Ex3.nd' demo.nsf database.

    The Search text field always active on activeTab In the centerTabPanel.

    Thanks your help.
  5. Hi,
    I use Ext.ND.
    I use 'accordion' layout in the west region.
    when I use domino's outline to open a view to center region, the view display is find, but doesn't display search text field...
  6. I have use subform and button(hidewhen formulas), so I have set createActionFrom property.

    if (typeof Ext !== 'undefined') {
    Ext.onReady(function() {

    var uidoc = new Ext.nd.UIDocument({...
  7. Hi,
    I use ext.nd3 verion.
    When I created a new form, the button icon of form can not display in IE browser, but it work in firefox and chrome.

    I have check domino server console, i find ...
  8. Hi,
    I have same problem, do you fix this problem?
  9. Hi,
    Someone can tell me about this project status? will be release ?
  10. Hi,
    I am use Ext.nd Beta3 demo database.
    When I create a action button in subform, this action can not be display.
    If I create this action in main form, this action button can display in form.
  11. Replies
    Hi Jack,

    Could you please send me a copy to me as well

    My email is:

    Thank you very much;)
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