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  1. I have done this in 5 minutes. It should be by default.

    Best Regards to iplanit and his Example.

    Nice work.
  2. Hi iplanit,

    Can you hook us up with some quick tutorial or live example for sencha architect 2
  3. Hello Loiane,

    Very nice work about examples,

    Can you implement extjs4-mvc-json-crud-php-mysql to Sencha Project ?
    This will be best example for most of the people here.
  4. I didn't see the south panel ... looking for right one. :)
    As well how can we add module with view, controller, model, store example
    Like this one
  5. Great Great Job.

    Have you test Adding modules in Windows xampp(wampp).
    I have tried to copy the folder of Example2 to Example3 and change everything in from Example2 to Example3 and example2 to...
  6. Replies

    There is a working POST example how to create visual the form and the functions
  7. After a day of reading a finally got a working CRUD Example for Sencha Architect 2. Its on this forum and its named:
    There is a working extjs example with php...
  8. Hello, i have focused on a something about resizing the main window of Sencha Architect. When i export project it always from full screen to "Restore Down" on Windows 7 64 bit. :) I don't know is...
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