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    I can reproduce this bug with IE9/Win7 here:

    ExtJS4 seems to do it right: ...
  2. same behavior in 3.2.1
    but groupBy has been changed and supports a undocumented third parameter now:

    if you call this method manually you can sort DESC...
  3. you re right. its a nice animation, especially if you add more chaos:

  4. both. the second row is the square an the long rectangle. it really simple, i just added:

    // adjust top value
    maxHeight = 0;
    if(rowNum > 0 && this.tightFitting) {
    for (var j = 0; j < i;...
  5. great layout! I was looking for a floating layout and this one works very well. Thank you for your contribution.
    I added one feature: tightFitting

    with thightFitting: true it looks like that:...
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    i added "validateModifiedOnly" for those who want check editet fields only:

    * EditorGrid validation plugin
    * Adds validation functions to the grid
    * @author Jozef Sakalos, aka...
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