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    Thanks Gary,Is there a bug number I can follow to see when this is resolved, thanks.
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    Using SA3.5 with touch 2.4.x (2.4.2) out of the box for a Carousel layout project with pie3d chart view in a panel using an array proxy store and two attributes name and value in a store.
  3. 1) Hidden
    2) Set to a colour independent to the Pie Segment

    I am aware the length of the callout line can be changed by changing the value 40 in chart/series/sprite/PieSlice.js as shown...
  4. I too have been using SA since it was called Ext Designer. WRT to see what I want to do go to the link below and move the play head to 26:25 and see what I mean or using SA 3.2 create an ExtJs 5.1.x...
  5. I would like to add a tabBar to a Panel or to a tabPanel for an ExtJs 5.x app using Architect 3.2 but don's see a tabBar property, am I missing something? if not how do I add one, thanks
  6. No tabBar property in a tabPanel using Architect 3.2, am I missing something? if not how do I add one using Architect 3.2
  7. The workaround, works in pie charts but not in pie3d charts. I need the field : 'name' in the label so I can show a legend. Any suggestions? to have the label not displayed in pie3d charts, thanks.
  8. Thanks for this workaround alexfluger, it works for me in pie charts but not in pie3d charts. Is there a workaround for pie3d charts thanks.
  9. Joel, I am trying to do the same, can you share the solution, thanks
  10. I have an application using SA31 and ExtJs 4.x which uses a grid, a gauge, one pie charts and one stacked bar chart. It is published to my server with a framework setting of Disabled for dev...
  11. Using SA version version: with Ext JS 5.1.x and build tools disabled to create a project using the Car Listings Example template. The out of the box project uses a Cartesian Chart but the...
  12. Will 5.1 support cartesian charts and will this be available as a component in SA3
  13. I am currently using version: channel: 3.0.1-stable platform: cmd: framework: Ext JS 4.1.x
    Ext JS 4.1.x does not support the Ext.grid.Panel event filterchange I have a...
  14. I have a MVC application build with SA3 and Ext JS 4.1.1. The app has a tab panel with three tabs. The first tab has a stacked bar chart and a toolbar with a save button. The second tab has a pie...
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    Phil, thanks for the explanation. The file sizes in my previous post was not accurate because I was looking at the General Spotlight Comments: size on Get Info for the folder. Using the finder...
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    Using Mac OS. I created a simple HtmlEditor app using SA2 and then created a SA3 web app using the Basic HTML Template. Publishing the SA2 app produces a folder containing file with a folder size of...
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    Filled in the Sencha Web form a few days ago with my SA2 activation code to upgrade to SA3 at the discounted price. I received an automatic email response from saying "Thank you for...
  18. One other quick question. My first keyframe is set at 1 second and the next one at 4 seconds, is it possible to insert more time before the first keyframe say to add another 9 seconds so the the...
  19. Many thanks for the reply. Silly me, I had not scrolled the properties panel down so did not see the standard align settings under type. Thanks for showing me where to find it. :)
  20. Thanks for the reply and great suggestion. It worked when I filled the text box completely, it rotated around the center of the text . When the text box width was for 15 character and the text was...
  21. Using Animator I have a simple animated project with one scene and one timeline with a horizontal text object on the stage. I have added a keyframe at 1 second (base Transforms Rotate properties is...
  22. Download and installed SA3 preview and Sencha Cmd Version 3.1.2 for Mac. Created a test new blank project to use touch 2.3 beta and all is ok. I now want to upgrade a touch 2.2.x project to 2.3
  23. Downloaded and installed the extension thanks for the info.
  24. Created a new Blank Project for Touch 2.3 beta framework and I do not see a grid in the Toolbox.
  25. aconran, apologies my mistake. I have since found out what I was doing wrong. Instead of typing in quickset and add I just typed in colorSet:['... and pressed add. This produced the desired result...
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