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    Security bugs can be extremely subtle. You plan to allocate tokens via a random number. Random numbers occur in a predictable sequence and are not secure. They are more accurately called...
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    One benefit of the unary + conversion is that the parseInt() call above actually has a subtle bug. It isn't safe not to provide the optional second parameter specifying the number base because...
  3. You will need to write some custom code to do this. The Ext.layout.BorderLayout.Region class implements the behavior of the north panel (docking vs. floating). I would look at Resizable for ideas on...
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    I ran across a blog post showing how to create a nice hover effect with jQuery. View the demo to see the effect in action.

    I decided to port the code to Ext JS. The resulting code is surprisingly...
  5. You are right about the order of creation for the nested configs using xtypes but the missing piece is that a config object != object instance.

    When you write code like var a = { b : 1 + 2 } the...
  6. No. There is no single correct way to create your components.

    I am confused by the comment "...have the bbar built so soon...". The problem with your original code is not when the bbar is built,...
  7. No. The bbar is a config object that is created right when this declaration is processed. The grid does not exist yet. this.ownerCt.getStore() is being executed against whatever object contains the...
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    What you are trying to do is called multiple inheritance. Ext does not support this directly with Ext.extend. The problem with multiple inheritance is when both superclasses implement the same...
  9. Our application has a configurable search form. The form displays all the fields that can be added to a WHERE clause. We enforce required fields but the special twist is that required fields come in...
  10. The bottom line is having everything public makes it much easier to override or extend the existing classes. The few classes that use constructor closures to make private variables are the ones that...
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    DWR is just a more structured way to make an Ajax call to a Java server. Instead of passing the form data to the server as a block of JSON for instance that would then need to be parsed, DWR lets you...
  12. You should look at Ext.util.DelayedTask. Each call to delay will reset the timer.
  13. I fixed a problem in IE7 with a customized version of the ColumnTreePanel recently. The problem sounds similar to yours so I will describe it to see if it helps you.

    The problem was that row...
  14. Nice job. I like how you customized the theme. Very polished.
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    The short answer is make an assignment like this.gridStore = gridStore in the constructor. Any properties you set on this will be public. But if you are going to make these properties public, why...
  16. It doesn't have to be this way. You can use the forceSelection option to prevent the user from typing in arbitrary text.

    The validation options on the control are really intended for timely...
  17. This is a confusing question because normally a item selected in the list would be valid. Could you explain what you are trying to do in more detail? Maybe what you want to do is filtering the store?
  18. In our application, we have multiple pages (the main page plus additional child pages depending on what the user does). The child pages hook the onunload event and call into the parent to run any...
  19. No. Firebug is nice enough to use the output from toString for the beginning of the label it shows for objects, but other than that there is no other effect.
  20. The following function can make the log messages and the Firebug display easier to read by defining toString() functions for classes that don't define their own. This changes the debug output from...
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    "Premature optimization is the root of all evil..."

    Optimizations applied to code that is not a bottleneck is a waste of time. Worse, really, if the optimizations lead to hard to understand / test...
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    I haven't added a column node click handler but I think I can point you in the right direction. The class Ext.tree.ColumnNodeUI generates the markup for the control in the renderElements function....
  23. A msgTarget of 'side' will put the error icon to the right of the combo. What did you change to make the icon display on the left?
  24. The problem is caused by the error icon. You have changed its alignment to the left side of the combo. The list is aligned to the x-form-field-wrap element for your combo. The offset in your...
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    This is also a concise way of ensuring that items is an array whether or not this.items is an array, since this.items may be an object or an array of objects. The concat construction ensures that...
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