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  1. Thanks! And sorry if this is a dupe. I could not find a similar thread.
  2. Consider the following snippet from Ext.dom.Element:

    syncContent: function(source) {
    source = Ext.getDom(source);
    var me = this,
    sourceNodes =...
  3. Issue still present 4.1 GA /:)
  4. I can confirm this. Definitely a bug for me.

    Bug thread:...
  5. The problem is that the buildUrl() method of tries to extract the id of the record directly from the record if it's present in the operation object, or from the
  6. does not implement the removeAt() method which it inherits from But the problem is that removeAt() passes a record to the remove() method, but the actual...
  7. Right, I figured as much. From what I've seen, it's not implemented by any Editing subclass (yet), but it's true it's unrelated to the real issue.

  8. Consider the following code, which can be found in Ext.grid.plugin.Editing :

    beforeEdit: emptyFn,

    startEdit: function(record, columnHeader) {
    var me = this,
    context =...
  9. On 4.1RC3, a TreeStore using a REST proxy should pass record ids as part of the URL, like this: /path/to/ressource/<id>.
    Instead, it passes the id as a query string parameter, like this:...
  10. Ok, turns out adding the following line at the start of the class constructor fixes the problem:;

    This was not required in 4.0 as far as I...
  11. Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.1RC3

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome 18 (Linux)

    Error when calling addListener on an object instance using the observable mixin.
  12. This fix works also on Chrome, thanks.
  13. This question is a follow up to

    As of 4.1 RC3, associated model data is still not...
  14. From what I've seen in 4.1 RC3, Ext.create('Model', ...) or new Model(...) still does not create association data in the Model instance. One still have to go through a reader for the associated data...
  15. The first post.
    If memory serves, you have to hack into the load() method of and make sure the options object have a "records" property like that:

    options.records = [node];...
  16. I can now observe another issue with Ext.tip.ToolTip, using delegate and the "beforeshow" event.
    If a "beforeshow" listener return false and as such prevents the tooltip from showing, the tooltip...
  17. I suggested a workaround at the end of the OP.
  18. This is how I do it as well with Ext JS 4.x and this leaves a lot to be desired.

    It completely breaks the encapsulation and API provided by and requires you to dwell in the bowels...
  19. Ah. Well, I was under the impression that using Ext.create was best practice according to the documentation and tutorials.
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    The problem is still present in Ext JS 4.1 beta.
  21. Great! I'm a bit concerned that resetting the page number when filtering is not necessarily desirable in *all* situations but it's seems to be the sensible thing to in a vast majority of cases. Maybe...
  22. It seems the filter() method of does not reset store.currentPage to 1, which seems odd because it doesn't make much sense to retain the same page number when filtering.

    I'm not...
  23. Oh, I did not realize we're in the Premium Help section actually. There must have been some tab confusion on my part. So yes, I would be grateful if you could move this thread to the Bug section, or...
  24. I have a couple questions about the implementation of Ext.Ajax.abort and Ext.Ajax.onComplete.

    Here is the code of Ext.Ajax.abort as of ExtJS 4.0.7:

    abort : function(request) {
    var me =...
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    Well, I use a faster CPU (C2D E7500 @ 2.93GHz) but that doesn't explain the 2x difference in timing for opening the window. Maybe there are other factors at play (GPU acceleration?)
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