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  1. Thanks. worked for me
  2. Hi , I'm using like this

    var menu = new;

    and I want it to be scroll-able , i want to scroll with the mouse wheel , or at least have vertical scroll,

    How can...
  3. Hi, have asked same Q' on stack overflow but got no answers, hope to get more lucky in here :)

    I built a context menu using and populated it with items like this:

  4. Yes I do!
  5. Hi,

    I got a context menu that i implemented with,

    the thing is that I want the menu to appear in the opposite way , eg: icon on the right and text on the left

    how can i achieve...
  6. ok, got it myself


    id : 'myMenu'

    was doing all the problems, no need for id attribute, and if one still wants to set it manually it should be a unique for each menu opening...
  7. Hi
    I'm using for a context menu , when user clicks on right click i do the following

    var menu = new{
    id : 'myMenu'

  8. Thanks ,

    Here is the entire html page code (not the rendered one, Its happening to one of our client, and I don't have access to that :/)

  9. Hi

    My web app runs on tomcat server, The clients are conncting from Citrix stations with SSO (wich runs on Apache , port 80), they can also log in without SSO by using the 8080 port (tomcat)
  10. Hi
    I looked at the docs (docs of Class Ext.ButtonGroup)

    and found several align property's but non of the works :/

    I want to align to center the buttons inside the
    xtype: 'buttongroup',
  11. Any1?
  12. First of all Im new to ExtJs and it looks really powerfull ...
    Hi I got a context menu with several items
    one of the items look like this:

    text : t.move,
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