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  1. I discovered that bodyPadding is a new attribute in Ext4, and so changing Ext3 'padding' to an Ext4 'bodyPadding', seems to create the desired layout.

    I am confused as to why this isn't well...
  2. Changing the xtype from 'paging' to 'pagingtoolbar' seemed to solve the problem. Thank you!

    But then this suggests that there is a documentation problem as the 4.02 documentation still lists...
  3. In my Ext3 to Ext4 migration, I am left with a killer that I do not understand:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'substring' of undefined
    Manager.Ext.ClassManager.parseNamespace ...
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    I discovered that I can get access to it like this:


    Is this a good idea or preferred to using down? (Seems easier...)
  5. I am migrating a screen from Ext3 to Ext4 and noticed that my panels have space between them, and they have no padding. I generally specify about 10 pixels for padding and it looks like that is...
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    I have a Panel with a tool (refresh button), but Panel.getTool no longer exists in Ext4. How can I get a handle to it so that I can hide it?
  7. Thank you! I thought it was removed because it is missing from the API documentation (you can find monitorValid, but can't find formBind).
  8. I had read that buttons has been deprecated. (In Ext Designer, I need to add a toolbar then add buttons to the toolbar.) Alas, I want to take advantage of the monitorValid/formBind mechanism in a...
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