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  1. Hi @sdruckerfig,

    Unfortunately it does not solve my problem as the text area will not grow when layouts are suspended.

    I can only hope this bug will be handled in the near future, as its...
  2. See this post.

    I haven't tested it yet. Maybe there's hope...
  3. I'm sorry Rama, but I just don't have the time these days to go deep into this.
    You will need to gain understanding of how this works by using a debugger, e.g. Firebug or the Google Chrome developer...
  4. Please look into renderSummary() in GroupSummary.js.
  5. Hi,

    You can override the renderSummary function.

  6. fix in function populateFromStore:

    Index: ItemSelector.js
    RCS file: /arch/cvs/it/lib/extjs/ux/ItemSelector.js,v
  7. Once I changed the code to avoid setting renderer to undefined the problem was fixed.
    However, I think the SDK should not behave in this manner: if you have a default value set for an attribute it...
  8. Hello Nigel,

    Yes, I believe it has to do with my code, but it does work in 4.1.3.
    My code takes a dynamic definition of column from a DB table, where some of the columns have renderer defined by...
  9. I tried ExtJS 4.2.0 with my project, which works fine in ExtJS 4.1.3.
    I saw that in a grid where I have several columns and one of them (not the first one) does not have renderer specified...
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    For the record: the tree I did my test with contained 90 visible nodes in the expanded nodes.
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    After more examination, I see that it says aggregated time is 0.004ms for each such image loading call, meaning it all happens in the browser with no network traffic. However, it seems that due to...
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    The image request I get is for

    And this happens during my expandPath call.
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    Using web server on my local machine, which is a rather standard PC burdened with IDE and other UI, the server side call (Perl FastCGI) took (as seen in Google Chrome developer tools panel 'network'...
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    My application has a tree panel where the path to specific node can be displayed on page load.
    When this is done, the load can take 6-8 seconds with big trees.
    I am using selectPath (expandPath +...
  15. A bug report was created for this: EXTJSIV-7713
  16. I found that even after waiting for the grid to be rendered, focusRow() would show the record, and then later a page redraw occured due to more items (e.g. other grids) that were added beside this...
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    Anybody who likes to use IE and is still working on Windows XP (there are many of those among my users) will not have this capability. You'd be amazed how many times I still see people using IE 6!
  19. The preset sorters can contain contain columns that are not not in the store currently. The back-end script knows the column definitions and can handle this properly. However, if I pass it via...
  20. Another point to consider: when the user changes the sort order I keep the changed state.
    If I load a saved query, I want to use the preset order without modifying the state.
  21. Hello Barzoy,

    Thanks for your answer. I did consider this, but my preset is not always using columns that are in the store. It gives a sort order which refers to fields that are not necessarily in...
  22. Hi,

    I have a query view where the results are displayed in a grid. The users have the options to save queries with the sort order. When the user loads a saved query, I set the...
  23. In Ext.tree.ViewDropZone, the getPosition() returns false with appendOnly:true for leaves.
    I fixed this by overriding this function and changing

    noAppend = record.isLeaf(),

    noAppend =...
  24. Hi,

    I have a tree view where I want to allow the user to move a node to a different parent node, taking with it all the tree below it.
    I want the following behavior when moving node X:

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    I agree that using the store filtering is probably the correct approach.
    However, note that the 'expanded' attribute needs to be respected. This allows for faster response, but it also means that...
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