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  1. Nice.

    Thanks for the info, Tommy.

    I've only been exploring SASS for a couple days now. It's funny that it doesn't naturally support the very first thing I wanted it to do. It seemed like an...
  2. Can't be done...yet.

    "In Sass 3, there's no way to use the default values for the first arguments to a mixin and a non-default value for later arguments. Sass 3.1, currently in development,...
  3. I didn't see this addressed in any SASS documentation, so I'll try here.

    If you have multiple arguments, is there a way to pass only an argument later than the first without passing the first?
  4. I'm doing custom styling on a GXT app and have to access a lot of elements through their auto-generated ID (e.g., "#x-auto-1240"). If I give these IDs back to the developers along with the ID name I...
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    My company is in the process of requisitioning Designer, but it will take some time. I would also like to have my trial extended until the purchase goes through.

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    My bad, I was missing some dataindex values.
  7. Thanks, guys. I'm using your method, Animal.

    I originally posted as a Designer feature request. It's got a checkbox for "columnLines" on/off and I figured it'd be nice if it had one for...
  8. I've got a table with striping but I don't want cell borders along the top/bottom of rows, just for column seperators. Be nice to have a selection for both column and row lines.

    Can anyone tell...
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    I can set the default sort column and my grid will load in the correct sort order, but clicking the headers or selecting a sort order from the header menu does nothing. All my columns are set as...
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