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  1. ExtJs version - 4.1.1

    Code here :

    // Tree View
    treeRuleSet = new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    store: treeStore,
    rootVisible: false,
    height: 562,
    title: 'Select a RuleSet',
  2. Hi Sencha,

    I am facing an issue

    There are five nodes ( Production , Archieved, Draft, PendingReview, Rejected) in a Tree Panel Store. Based on the some conditions, i want to expand Production...
  3. Hi SenchaI have two panels QryInfoPnl1 and QryInfoPnl2. I am adding QryInfoPnl1 in Ext.Windows items by default. but i want to replace panel1 by panel2 on the button event which is present in the...
  4. Hi Sencha,I am using a TreePanel where we show the records in the treepanel on the button submission. I want to get the number of records present in tree. I am unable to fetch this. My code below:
  5. Hi Sencha,Still getting the null value after setting baseParams:
  6. Hi Sencha,How i set the param value in Is there any alternative way to set which i m not doing here. Currently this value is getting null in our code behind side.var...
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