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  1. I feel like my brain just isn't working today and that this problem is really simple. I didn't find anything in the docs or the forum that seemed to help.

    How / where am I supposed to set up...
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    What's the GXT3 equivalent of a CheckBoxListView in GXT2? Is there some way through the ListView appearances?

    There's a post in the premium forums that I see through Google results, but...
  3. I recently read that Microsoft will soon auto-update IE to the latest available versions automatically. WinXP users will go to IE8 and Vista/Win7 users will go to IE9. This is planned to start in...
  4. Not sure if it's still this bug, but I see duplicate SelectionChanged events for the combobox with 2.2.4.

    If I do a stack trace in my listener, I get two that look like:

  5. EDIT: I meant FormButtonBinding, not FormFieldBinding

    Why does FormButtonBinding use a timer? Isn't that a bit inefficient? Would a change listener be better?

    Just curious.
  6. This seems easy, but I'm not figuring it out...

    I have a SimpleComboBox that I load with some values from an Arrays.asList(). That's all fine.

    In my application, I sometimes don't want to show...
  7. I tried searching on the forum for this, as I figured someone would have asked it already, but didn't find anything.

    Is there any way to do Checkbox / Radio groups like you can in ExtJS? From...
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    Has anyone seen this site: ?

    When I ran all the tests GXT was significantly slower in every one.

    Any commentary by the developers of GXT? Just curious.
  9. Hmmm, not consistently. See attached picture. (WinXP, FF 3.6.12) Though it does work on my laptop (OSX FF 4.0B7)
  10. I can understand that. Shouldn't it put icons in at least then?
  11. I came across this issue and while I don't think it's a bug, it is an issue that should be looked at I think. If the toolbar overflows then the user can't discern what each of the overflowed buttons...
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    It seems like it's a toss of the coin that decides whether something is private or protected in GXT now which makes it hard to extend functionality. Sometimes I'll want to override a function and...
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    Can this be done? I thought it was possible with regular Ext using something like "rootVisible: false", but I don't see anything in the GXT Docs. Am I blind? I didn't find anything for GXT on the...
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    Say I have a ContentPanel as part of a Window, in it I want to have an AccordionLayout. I don't know how many entries in the AccordionLayout I'm going to have, it's variable. The AccordionLayout...
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    This isn't directly tied to GXT I don't think, but I have a problem with a JSNI function I'm calling that does a regular expression:

    var matches = /(No Group|Group: (\d+)) \(\d+...
  16. What's the correct way to delete a Radio field when it's added into a RadioGroup? Should it be done through radio.removeFromParent() and/or formContainerThatRadioGroupWasAddedTo.remove(radio)? This...
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    Why does the Provider class always encode/decode values as JSON? I know this is necessary for the default CookieProvider, but shouldn't it be in the CookieProvider class, as opposed to the base...
  18. Neeeevermind. It's all already done in GridView. Whoops.
  19. Looking at applyState() in Grid, I see that saving column width, column hidden-ness, and sort info has already been set up.

    So, I can do something like this for column resizing:

  20. I'm working on a GXT Desktop app. I'd like to have the whole thing be stateful. Has anyone done this already? Anything I should be aware of before I start?

    The only potential issue that comes to...
  21. Yes, you mentioned that. Not everyone has SVN access, which you also mentioned.
  22. After looking into this a little more, I just added this to my CSS:

    .x-unselectable, .x-unselectable * {
    outline: none;
    seems to do it.
  23. I have a menu inside the west region of a border layout. That region has a fit layout.

    Everything seems fine until you mouse over one of the menu items. When you do, it causes a dotted border to...
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    I have a simple top toolbar in a window. If it matters, the contents of the toolbar are [button], [button], [combo box], [button].

    What I'd like to do is have the combobox auto size to fit the...
  25. I need to know if there is a scrollbar in a form panel. The panel is in a window and can be resized, so at any given time it could or could not have a scroll bar.

    If I was using regular...
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