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    Is there a method called:


    I know I had to call forceLayout() with a ToolBar after I change the size of a button. In GXT3 it will no longer reposition the other elements,...
  2. It is worth noting that this bug is visible in the examples.
  3. August 22, the date picker is first opened the dates are grey'd as appropriate.

    Choose September.
    The date picker will grey Wednesday through Friday on the first row as expected. However,...
  4. When I set a summary render it will get the html for the returned SafeHtml object and then escape it before displaying it.

    column.setSummaryRenderer(new SummaryRenderer<MyDataModel>() {
  5. You can get the model from your list store using the context.

    column.setCell(new AbstractCell<Long>() {
    public void render(Context context, Long value, SafeHtmlBuilder sb) {...
  6. The enter key doesn't trigger a KeyPressEvent. There is a reason for this that I can't remember right now.

    You will have to use a KeyDownHandler or KeyUpHandler instead.
  7. Where X is your data type:

    Collection<X> modified = new ArrayList<X>();
    for (Store<X>.Record record : store.getModifiedRecords()) {
    X model = record.getModel();
    for (Change<X, ?> change :...
  8. In the code version with no layout data: no scroll bar on the grid.
    In the code version with VerticalLayoutData(1, 1): scroll bar appears on the grid
    In the UiBinder version with no layout data: no...
  9. I have a grid inside of a ContentPanel which displays a large number of items, The grid scrolls when there are too many items to show on the screen.

    <gxt:ContentPanel ui:field="panel"...
  10. Unfortunately setting the minimum did not solve this issue for me.
  11. Awesome, thanks!
  12. I made a chart with 50 items in the data store, they display correctly.


    Then a paging loader replaces items in the store with only 20 items. It looks like the first 20 items from the...
  13. Further debugging shows that the from and to fields for the numeric axis are calculated before there is anything in the data store, which is causing them to be set to NaN. Then went the chart is...
  14. minY is NaN which is causing this assertion to fail. I never set a min or max size for the axis.

    Also this only occurs when every item in the data store returns 0 for the bar value. If one or...
  15. Unfortunately this assert does not seem to work as expected and causes errors (in dev mode)

    public class BarSeries<M> extends MultipleColorSeries<M> {

    private void calculatePaths() {
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    The cell method doesn't give you access to the underlying models which are used to populate the tree.

  17. For 2.2.5-gwt22 I made my own pom

    <project xsi:schemaLocation="" xmlns=""...
  18. I have a project that is currently using GWT-2.4.0 and GXT-2.2.5-gwt22

    I changed the following dependancy in my pom.xml from:

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    I get this error as well, my model extends BaseModel and implements IsSerializable.
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