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    I just noticed the winners of the Sencha theme contest.

    When I went to the link for the theme
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    Just updated to build 439 and this repros with it.
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    I traced this from the very beginning of the process. It appears that _lastSelected is appropriately set in the first call. The problem is when you click on the trigger to open the picker the second...
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    Looking at this in the debugger it appears that there are some conditions under which


    Does not update _lastSelected to the value of the current record but sets it to...
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    This is really becoming a problem. I've tried to create a small reproducable case but the issue doesn't repro. I am systematically removing all events that are caught by the system to see if what...
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    I have a number of Select fields where I catch the change event and perform some processing. When I change the selected item and then go back to the Select field, the first item in the list appears...
  7. It finally occurred to me that the selects that are giving me trouble are those where I catch the onSelected event. I am guessing that when I catch the event the normal Select processing does not...
  8. It turns out that I didn't need to refresh the store, I just need to put the data in the right place. Notice in the above:

    rec.DrugName =;

    should be
  9. I have two select fields:

    xtype: 'fieldset',
    title: 'Clinical Decision',
    items: [
  10. Good point that this is a framework and not an Architect issue.

  11. One other thing is to set a refresh on the List to see if for some reason it isn't properly associated with the store.
  12. When I have had this problem I first used Fiddler (virtual network scope) to make sure that the URL for the proxy was correct and that the data coming over the wire is in the format that I expect....
  13. That is very helpful for a single-table app but doesn't help much with the Master-Detail question. I am confused myself how Associations are used (confused that they are applied to models not...
  14. I also tried this to no avail

    pickerSlot.setData( [
    {text: 'DrugName1', value: 'Alacort'},
    {text: 'DrugName1', value: 'Asprin'},
    {text: 'Drugname1', value:...
  15. Just a guess but would USERS/USER or USERS.USER do it
  16. I have a picker with a single slot that I am trying to bind to a store. I didn't see the store in the properties in Architect but the documentation says that it is a property so I set it. When I...
  17. Here is the kludge that I came up with but I am sure that there must be a better way. I just wait for the store to be refreshed and then insert the names associated with the foreign key into it.

  18. I spent a lot of time on this issue earlier and finally found out what is going on.

    Today I added a store to my application and although everything deployed (using manual xcopy because I have...
  19. Here is a resource that covers some of the breaking changes in the ext implementation!/guide/upgrade_1_to_2 but it doesn't cover the project layout.

    I get the...
  20. I found that it was much easier to start from scratch. There are enough differences in both the object model and the architectural patterns (e.g. a 1.x app may have views calling controllers where...
  21. I have a list bound to a Store that is updated by an Ajax query. After the store is refreshed I update one field in the record by looking it up in another store:

  22. It isn't clear to me why an association would be applied to a Model and not a Store. What I want an association to do is lookup an instance in a store using the foreign key but the foreign key...
  23. I have two related stores with a common key/foreign key. A patient has a list of medications that are described by RXCUI and RXCUI can be used to lookup the drug name. I've experimented with...
  24. I have two models, PatientMedicationModel and DrugModel. In PatientMedication I have defined an association

    hasOne: {
    model: 'PgxPortal.model.DrugModel',
  25. It looks like the base directory under stores is legacy as well. So I assume that the problem was inconsistency between Application and app.js
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