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  1. Note: I can resolve the Ext.define issues by crating an app.json like the following:

    "name": "MyApp"
    However, IMO, this is NOT a solution! The plugin should be able to digest and...
  2. OK, in the meantime is there another thing we can use, even just for the IDE? We use Grunt for our JS and SASS compilation, linting, etc.. this is a company standards requirement.

    Eg: can we add...
  3. Note also that the 'MyApp.component.MyEditor' in:

    Ext.define('MyApp.component.MyEditor', {
    Also throws an error: "Fully qualified name does not match the path". Again, this is defined in the...
  4. The plugin does not seem to pick up on libs that are declared in the config.. it complains on the requires that it is unused, and on the xtype that it is unknown, however it compile and runs as...
  5. I'm happy you feel that way. But That doesn't necessarily mean it isn't a bug. IMO, returning no rows is more accurate then returning an empty array. I think it is a preference of a development...
  6. If I have a panel, that contains other panels within (all titles attributes are cleared), and I click on the panel & choose "Transform --> FormPanel", all the titles attributes are reset and show in...
  7. here's the code for the section in question:

    As you can see, there is another column and a checkbox section model added to the grid... Even without the checkbox selection model, i still cannot...
  8. Hi Jarred. I've also seen this issue, even with an autoRef. I goes away as soon as you do something to update the grid though. (Ie: I added a button to a toolbar attached to the grid).
  9. Another issue, is that id the results are "null" and not a empty array, it does not apply the emptyText...
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    You are our hero! Seems to work great!
  11. Doesn't this mess up 'ref' attributes? I thought that they were setup in the render event? If you init your child components after render, will the refs then not be ignored?
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    We are noticing the issue anywhere we are using ref to obtain a reference to a field in a composite.

    e.g. for the setup:

    xtype : 'container',
    flex : 1,
    layout : 'form',
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    composite fields... we have a composite with 2 combos (a parent & child).
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    Hi Jarred,

    Not sure if it is something else we've done in our code, but the Monkey Patch you created no longer works with 3.3.0. We get an error on "ownerCt : this"... (comp.getItemId is not a...
  15. I have a 1.0.1c project that I'd been wrking on for quite a few hours, I just upgraded to 1.0.2 (and then updated to latest) and it will NOT open the project.

    If I double click to project from...
  16. Is anyone from Ext.js going to look at this, or just keep ignoring it? I've seen others on the web and in the forum complaining about this issue as well.

    The Composite type could very useful if...
  17. I'm running into a similar issue (i think). I have a composite field consisting of a ComboBox and a button. When the button is clicked, I want to grab the value of the combo and place it in a grid...
  18. It works fine doing as you suggested in a development environment, but as soon as I build Ext.js and run it from the development environment, it has no effect. Weird?

    I can run them side by side...
  19. UPDATE: I managed to open the project by first opening the xds file in a text editor and removing the second component.

    PS: this does not mean is bug is solved or fixed. If I can create two...
  20. - Created a project with 2 components (pretty basic forms, one with a grid...)
    - Closed Ext.Designer
    - Opened Ext.Designer telling it to open my project .. blank screen shown (no components..)
  21. I should also note that results ARE coming back in the request. If I look at the response object in the air introspector, i can see the results the same as if I was running the app in a browser.
  22. Note: this was originally posted to another forum, but either moderation takes a long time (more than 5 days) or something strange was happening to my post. It really needed its own thread anyway,...
  23. Hi Mizzory, thanks for the reply again. Sorry for taking so long getting back to you, we are in the midst of planning the product (and deciding on Ext.js I believe).

    The issue I am having with...
  24. Hi mizzory,

    The issue was my fault, It had to do with XTemplates (was calling them in initComponent, which if I had of read the forums clearly states that it cannot be called inside init... once...
  25. I'm doing a little demo to see if Ext would make a good platform for my company's web application. I have the app working via a web server now, but would like to convert it to an Air app to see if...
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