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  1. OK guys, I found the way : I have to select the objects themselves (clicking on the purple diamonds) instead of the lines. :)
  2. When I select 2 objects, I can not copy them. Is there a way to copy/paste more than one objects from one scene to another?
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    I don't see in the docs which image or video formats are accepted by Sencha. I discovered by myself that tif images are refused while png's are accepted, and I can't load a mp4 video that I made with...
  4. Yes, you are right, the proportions are good after refreshing.
    I conclude that it is better not to zoom in/out during a presentation. Someone should zoom in/out before it, or make the animations in...
  5. Hi everyone. I'm discovering Sencha Animator (demo).
    I made a basic animation (some small images moving on a bigger image as a background) very easily and it looks fine in Safari.
    But if I enlarge...
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