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    The problem is the "fileuploadfield" UX component. I tried various versions now, the last working one is from the release 3.0.2 . I just reverted to that version and it all works again.
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    after updating to ExtJS 3.3 the UploadPanel component does not work anymore. The Add and Upload buttons do not appear correctly.

    Is there anybody having a solution / update for UploadPanel...
  3. The problem is that "width" isNaN ! This is not catched, I will try to set fixed width now in my source code, maybe there is a problem with 100% in IE8...
  4. I have exactly the same problem.
  5. We also think it would be great to have RTL support one day as more than 100.000.000 people worldwide are native speakers of languages with RTL.
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    Related to : Out of sync headers and rows when large number of columns displayed in Livegrid.

    I can confirm this, I also have it. I am using ExtJS 3.2.
  7. Has anybody solved this ? I have the same problem.
  8. Hello,

    I integrated the HTMLEditor into the Portal-Demo of ExtJS. It works all fine until I move the HTMLEditor into a different position. After it is dropped the toolbar is still functional but...
  9. Hello,

    is there a chance to integrate the TDG Icon Browser into the RowEditor plugin without modifying the original RowEditor source code ?

    Best regards,
  10. Hi,

    i habe a problem with a treepanel and drag n drop.
    my tree looks like this:

    - root

    - folder 1
  11. Nice work!

    How can I add a "onClick" listener, to fire an event when the user clicks on an icon ?

    Best regards!
  12. Hello,

    does anybody know an existing component that combines a NumberField and a ComboBox to a field where users can insert money values and select the corresponding currency from the combobox ? ...
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    I am just downloaded miframe 2.1 and I use ExtJS 3.1 .

    When I open various tabs and then reload I receive a JS error in Firebug

    El._flyweights is undefined...
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    first of all: Great component, I love to use it.

    I downloaded the new update 3.1 and it seems as if some modifications need to be done to use DDTabPanel with this update.

    When closing...
  15. Nice work ! Well done.=D>
  16. Hello folks,

    I am using the roweditor to edit and add new elements within a grid.

    My question is how I can trigger the RowNumberer to update after I added new records to the grid ? :-?

  17. Already found the answer here:
  18. Hello,

    is there a simple way to save the last opened panel in an accordion layout into a cookie ? Like setting some "state"-config option ?

    I stepped through the API and I think I am able to...
  19. Thanks a lot, it works!
  20. I tried this, but firebug says "getCharCode" is not a function:

    field_password.on('keyup',function(e,el) {
  21. How can I do this and receive the keycode ?
  22. Hello,

    i am trying to add a check for password-fields if caps-lock is active.

    Therefore I want to use my old function "check_capslock(e)". I don't know how to map that function to a textfield....
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