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  1. Hi guys ( Hi Mitchell ),

    I'm doing incredibile step forward in creating my first Sencha app.
    I've just linked a list to a remote store, managing a detailPanel, everything works correctly.

  2. The problem explained was solved, it was a upper case in Ext.Create ... obviously it was Ext.create.
  3. Hi guys,
    I still have a little problem on the CityBars example.
    When I tap on an item, I receive a message:

    The incriminated row is here:

    var me = this;
  4. Addon: I tried also layout: { type: 'fit' } ... nothing
  5. I'd need a hand on this problem.
    I'm using Sencha Designer and I find it awesome, I created my beatiful tabbar, I created my store, everything is loaded correctly.

    Now in "Views" I have on item:...
  6. I need a basic info on how to proceed with my app.
    I've got my mini app, it's objective is to show the news from a website of Poker that I made.

    I made my beatiful Tab vieport, and eveything...
  7. Replies
    If your call is cross-domain, you should use jsonp, not ajax...

    proxy: {
    type: 'ajax',
    url: '',
  8. As always, thank you man, I will try it this evening....
  9. Hi all,
    I copied and pasted a Sencha demo into one app of mine, I tried to modify step by step, inserting some carousels into it. So, any Carousel move at all. So strange...


  10. Yes, you are right.
    I started studying since... 3 weeks ago?
    I watch screencasts, tutorials as much as my eyes let me to do, I think it's the only way.
    Sencha is incredibly hard in some points,...
  11. =D> I'm like Brian May playing "God save MitchellSimoens".
    Everything seems to be perfect, now... I must thank you man, for your patience and ... presence.

    I would like also to share what I've...
  12. Ok, after lots of tempts, I'm thinking to abandon this damn land, I don't have any idea how to proceed after and populate my NestedList with this damn type: scripttag.

    In my opinion is quite...
  13. Hi man, I'm looking for something that you, probably, solved.

    My app.js

    new Ext.Application({ name: "NestedListDemo",

    launch: function() {
    this.views.viewport = new...
  14. Ok, I made some step forward.

    function someCallback(){

    NestedListDemo.music_store = new{
    model: 'ListItem',
  15. Thanks for your quick answer.

    I modified my json file

    "items": [
    "model": "Genre",
  16. Hi all, I'm encountering a problem that, I read on the web, seems to be common to lot of people.My NestedList
    NestedListDemo.music_store = new{ model: 'ListItem', proxy:{ type:...
  17. Yes, damn me, I was completely misunderstanding the Panel and TabPanel functionality.
    My first mistake was to think to tabpanel as a simple buttons container, but it's ( now, for me... ) obvious...
  18. Hi guys,
    I need some help to proceed with my studies with Sencha Touch...
    I started with the NestedList tutorial on this site, trying to modify some things, but I don't absolutely understand how to...
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