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    I have tabpanel inside another tabpanel.
    When i put touchgridpanel inside it works perfect.
    When i wrap it in container to put selectfield at top of grid - i have a problem with touchgridpanel....
  2. Ok, updated to 4.0.2a. Now they rendered at page loading.
    But they disappearing when i resize container panel! ;)
    Should i wait not for 4.0.2b or there is something i can do to fix it now?
  3. Same for me.
    Collapsed panel is not rendered at all.
  4. Sorry, didn't noticed that this is Ext 3.x branch.
  5. Are you using ExtJS 4.0.x?
    I am trying to do similair thing in 4.0.1 and can't find ColumnModel class at all.

    I have some kind of properties grid with editable cells:...
  6. Property grid is not usual grid panel.
    Please look at this example:
    it has property 'grouping' before 'autoFitColumns' but...
  7. This is not what i asked. I need to disable rows sorting, not columns. has default rows sorting by alpha asc, and looks like this sorting hardcoded in ext core without...
  8. How to disable sorting rows (properties) in
    I don't need them to be sorted alfabetically.
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