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  1. You can set loader.cache to true in app.json. May not be the way to do it but works for me.

    "loader": {
    // This property controls how the loader manages caching for requests:
  2. Any update on this? If your Sencha app is also a JEE app with a WEB-INF/web.xml, Jetty gives 503 Service Unavailable.

    Also, is there any way to disable the web-server starting during sencha...
  3. Never moved from the lightning quick v2.3 - sure we heavily modified it, but we know it like the back of our hands and it does everything we want and is very extensible.
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    Whilst the ExtJS product is very good, backwards compat has been extremely poor since the beginning. Complete nightmare it was moving from ExtJS v1 -> v2. So much so that we have decided not to...
  5. I'll post them when back at work next week. In the meantime, search the forum for _getCacheIndex as I believe there was some discussion regarding this some time ago.
  6. Apologies as I seem to have taken this thread OT. However, i'll answer the questions raised ...

    2.3 works perfectly in all IEs if you send the right doctype or meta tag.

    IE <= 8 send <meta...
  7. The reason I won't move beyond 2.3 (yet). 2.3 was a great release. None of the goodies in later versions have warranted a move IMO.

    I do hope things improve beyond v4.
  8. You can always serialise (on the client) the charts to JSON (see Raphael serialize.js), ship that off to the server, normalise into a SVG (necessary as IE<9 doesnt do SVG) then use a SVG->Raster...
  9. Spot on. As a long time Ext user with a great understanding of the framework I cannot even justify an upgrade to Ext3 - let alone Ext4.

    Ext1->Ext2 was a nightmare - but very much worth it at the...
  10. Spot on. Stability and backwards compatibility are of utmost importance. ExtJS has been solid enough with stability. Backwards compatibility on the other hand ... ;)
  11. You can serialise your Raphael charts to JSON, send to server, convert to SVG then use Batik to convert to PNG. I have done this with great success. Unfortunately I had to write my own chart...
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    I had a good deal of success using Raphael for charts on the client. Had to write own Bar and Pie charts due to bugs with gRaphael (the Raphael charting plugin). For printing, I serialised the...
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    Thankyou Ed. This is encouraging. Perhaps I'm assuming too much based on my pain from 1 to 2. All in all Ext is a great product and makes my life easier. So the tradeoff is very much worth it.
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    Please say it isn't so! Boy it's going to be fun moving large apps from v2 to v4. This is the one thing that is so very disappointing with ExtJS ... the amount of breaking changes across versions. ...
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    Why not just use TriggerField?
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    I'll no doubt need it for 2.x also. Why must IE make life so difficult? Despite the voice of experience in my head telling me otherwise - I had hoped that if our app works on IE7 and IE8 then...
  17. Me too me too! I cannot stand the thing anymore. If only there was a viable alternative.
  18. You might be able to use this in some way ...
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    Firebug has gone from good to bad to absolute garbage. A few years back, I'd have it on all the time. No problems, easy to use, breakpoints, live CSS tinkering etc etc. Nowadays the useless thing...
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    Whilst I don't agree with The Berliner's tone and relentless bagging of the documentation, his suggestions here are sound. A professional tech writer would be a great acquisition and would set Ext...
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    Migrating a very large commercial app from 1->2 was painful enough. Going from 2->3 seems daunting despite claims otherwise and for this reason I have not yet embarked. The only reason I'm putting...
  22. Firefox + Firebug have gotten progressively worse with every release. For example, with FF 3.5.5 + FB 1.4.5 I can wait up to 20 seconds for it to load ext-all. This was never the case in earlier...
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    Think I'll retire from this business before another IE. It is madness.

    So they are going to give us "no jaggies" with large font rendering and replace GDI with Direct2D. Fark me.

    At least...
  24. Fair enough I suppose. However, if it were seamless to move from v2 to v3 then I would have done it already. But alas it is not (despite claims otherwise). Even more so when *many* custom...
  25. I sure hope these improvements will make it into 2.3.x (or can be easily back-ported). What about us v2 users? I cannot move to v3 for some time as only recently moved from v1.1.1. I also hope...
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