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  1. Having the same issue. Is there a way to toggle this via the designer itself?
  2. Found the solution, please see this entry:
  3. Ah! I had a feeling I was just missing something, but never stumbled across that. Much appreciated, thank you!

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2 RC
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 17.0.963.56
    IOS 5 Safari (iPhone) (Simulator)
    DOCTYPE tested against:
  5. I've done more research. It seems that these meta tags are supposed to be added dynamically by Sencha Touch itself. If you look at sencha-touch-debug.js on line 8939 you'll find the following:

  6. Not entirely true, usually websites "hide" the address bar by moving the viewport up. The user then can just swipe back up and see the address bar.

    Look at the sencha kitchen sink on IOS and you...
  7. In my previous Sencha Touch 1 application, I used the following meta tags in my index.php file in order to hide safari's address bar in IOS:

    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,...
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    I ran into a few more errors but I believe those were due to my .json build file having the wrong information (I was just running a test). Greatly appreciate it, very excited to test out the native...
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    I am using the latest version (Beta 2.0.0). I've even uninstalled and reinstalled. I usually use ZSH for my command line, but I've even switched back to BASH, installed the package and attempted it...
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    I'm still getting an error when running:
    sencha package run ios.json

    Every time its run I get the following error:

    sh: stbuild: command not found

    Anyone having a similar issue?
  11. I keep getting this error after installing the Sencha Touch 2.0.0 SDK:

    sh: stbuild: command not found

    When running the command:

    sencha package run ios.json

    Any ideas what that might be?
  12. Quick follow up question: If I had a view that was being set that had a component and a map item within them, how would I pass the data within those items? I assumed items[i] pointing to...
  13. Works like a charm. Once again, much appreciated. You're the hardest working member of this forum!
  14. Perfect, it works great!

    Running into another odd issue using it though. I just added more items to the tabpanel but it only shows the first one in line:

    items: [
  15. I just implemented the in my controller and then used console.log(this.getData()); when my tab panel fires the initialize function, and it logged the data. So I now understand what you...
  16. I took a page from Nelsroms presidents sample and it worked the same. What would be a better method?
  17. I am trying to pass a record from a list into a tabpanel that has items with tpl's that will display certain data on each tab. For example, my records will have Name, Ingredients, and Cost and I will...
  18. Thank you! You saved me from two more​ hours of scratching my head.
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    Any progress on this? I've moved my app to Sencha Touch 2 b1 and ran into a brick wall with this.

    Is there any work around or hack in the meantime?
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    Did you ever accomplish the "More" feature? I would be very interested in seeing your implementation.

  21. Figured it out! For anyone having the same issue I needed to restart terminal in order for the config.rb changes to take effect. Same thing as Chirieac solved my problem - remove the sass_path.
  22. I'm having the same issue with the image_dir, only I'm getting an error:

    Compass::Error on line 59 of...
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    I'm building a Wordpress site using Sencha Touch. I've created a plugin that converts the posts to JSON for the application to read.

    In the Applications "Post View" I am loading post...
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    When you mean scroll, do you mean assigning an animation to the "More" button that would allow it to scroll the tab bar horizontally?

    How would you do that?
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