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  1. Hi Sven,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I don't really mind that the focus is lost with my approach, since I use the SearchDialog as input for the readonly TextField.
    However, I like your solution...
  2. Hi Sven,

    There's not much more code I can give you. This is the only thing I'm doing right now:

    internalNameField = new TextField<String>();
  3. Hi all,

    Since the new 1.2.1 release I get two ONFOCUS (type = 2048?) events for my TextField.
    This listener gets called twice:

    internalNameField.addListener(Event.ONFOCUS, new...
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    It seems my issue is only relevant in the embedded browser used in hosted mode. When I run the code in an external firefox 3 browser it works perfectly.

    Google, upgrade the embedded browser! ;)
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    Hi all,

    I'm having a bit of a problem with the height of a grid and the vertical scrollbar. Somehow, the bottom of the grid falls of the screen, as well as the bottom of the scrollbar.
  6. Sven,

    Another observation:

    When the following code is executed:

    for (BeanModel bm : models) {
    BdmInstance b = (BdmInstance) bm.getBean();
  7. Hi Sven,

    That did the trick. Can you perhaps explain why this does work?

  8. Hi Sven,

    I'm not exactly sure when the grid is attached, but if I try to select the rows from within a listener that listens to the Attach event, I get exactly the same NullPointerException.
  9. Hi all,

    I have a Grid in which I want to select certain rows. The following code illustrates this:

    List<BeanModel> models = bdmInstanceGrid.getStore().getModels();
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