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    When useing the TabledGrid from the doc examples in an application I am making, I discovered that if I use spaces in my table headers; for instance <th>follow up</th>, ext will have a hard time and...
  2. the hidden true does indeed do whats its suppose to, but the job is still only one third done. I still need to hide the label and the semicolon. giving a blank label will take care of that, but its...
  3. I discovered the error. We have the wrong version of prototype. Appearently earlier version doesnt support the needed feature (length--) and since we used prototype on other aspects of our site, it...
  4. bump. anyone please?
  5. whats the point of this? I am trying to test on localhost and my page refreshes is slowed down by as much as 4-5 seconds by calls to the domain to get the s.gif file!
    The square thats support to move with the mouse stands still. I get first one error message that says: "invalid array length" (prototype.js line 460). There is...
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