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  1. Hi.. sencha forum member I am having problem with using the Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing
    with my gridpanel.

    I am using the below code for my gridPanel.
  2. @friend

    thanks so much for your response. I am able to do the conversion correctly with the below functions

    var timeval = new Date(value);
    var settime =...
  3. hi... forum member I am having one problem in which I want to assign the timestamp value to my timefield.

    my model code is like below

    Ext.define('admin.model.eventModel', {
  4. Hi.. forum member
    I am having some problem in assigning the panel values from the controller. Below is my panel view

    Ext.define('admin.view.projectmgt.taskPanel', {
    extend: "Ext.form.Panel",...
  5. hi.. sencha forum member
    I am having one problem with showing the jquery sticky notes to my desktop viewport. below is the link from where i had downloaded the stick notes of jquery.
  6. @Vietits

    thanks for your response

    But I want to set the taskpanel's startDate and endDate before the taskAdd window is shown.
    So when the taskAdd window comes with taskPanel it has startDate...
  7. @Vietits

    thanks for your response
    with this two lines below I am able to get the startDate and the endDate from the server response.

    panel.startDate = startdate;
    panel.endDate = enddate;
  8. @Vietis

    I had done that only in my controller like below is my controller code

    win.on("beforeshow", function (window) {
    console.log('WINDOW VALUES ::' + window);
    var projectid =...
  9. @Vietits

    thanks for your reply.

    my console gives me below output

    console.log(panel.startDate, panel.endDate)

    Date {Mon Apr 30 2012 00:00:00 GMT+0530 (IST)} Date {Thu Oct 30 2014...
  10. hi.. vietits

    I am having one controller and from it I am opening the window by calling the below function

    var win = this.getTaskAdd();
    win.projectid = rec.get('id');;
  11. hi.. sencha forum member I am having one problem with recreating the gridPanel.

    I am getting is null and the window comes but with empty data.

    I am having taskganttpanel contained in...
  12. @ vitetis

    thanks for you reply. The reason I am getting so many data is that I am having relationship server side like one-to-many ext one company has many department. etc.

    So I am getting...
  13. hi.. vietis

    I solved that problem as per your suggestion and change my model to

    Ext.define('rms.model.taskmainModel', {
    extend : '',

    fields : [
  14. @vietits

    I want to use resources array to display the name of the resouce assign to the task. And again there is a one-to-many relationship between the taskmaindata and resource, but to...
  15. HI..

    I am still having that mapping problem with my json response.
    my json response of taskmaindata is

    "total": 5,
    "success": true,
    "taskmaindata": [{
  16. @scottmartin

    I am using the trial version of there examples and trying to combine two different examples into one.

    You can get the trial version downloadable from the below link. ...
  17. Hi..

    sencha forum member I am having problem with using the bryntum resource assignment example with the advanced gantt chartt.

    so far I had achieved to develop the advanced gantt chart of the...
  18. Hi.. sencha forum member

    I am having some problem with redirect to another jsp page from my java class.

    I am using spring 3.0, JPA and extjs 4.0.

    I am having login form which takes the...
  19. @mankz

    thanks so much for your reply. I did the changes as per you said now my assignmentStore is like below code

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
  20. @chenzhaoplus

    success : function(result, request) {

    please change with below
  21. Hi.. sencha forum member I am having one problem with using window containing the panel.

    I am having my resource panel code as below

    var combo = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    store: new...
  22. ok I get it solved now only one request is made to server and I am able to get the correct response from server.But still my taskPanel not showing me the data. My taskPanel view is empty like below...
  23. Hi..

    sencha forum member I am having one problem with the store

    I want to make request to server, with the beforeshow function

    I am having one window and in it I am loading one panel. My...
  24. @ssamayoa

    so much thanks for your response and showing your intereset in this topic.

    I had in my mind some ideas please suggest me I am wrong or right.

    1. I am using spring so based on the...
  25. hi..

    Sencha forum members I am trying to develop an application , in which I want to show the desktop view based on the login authentication.

    I had achieved the desktop view in extjs 4, but...
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