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    Couple of things I've noticed:

    - The docs say that the renderer only takes in a value, but the source shows that it takes in a bunch of other parameters (meta, model, row, col). Can the docs be...
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    - The current download seems to contain 2.0.2 docs, not 2.1

    - The air app does not remember its location or size, making it quite irritating to use

    - Clicking on any 'defined in' link results...
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    Looks very useful, but doesnt work on safari
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    I'd really like to use this, but it has some rather annoying issues. Any chance of some workarounds Animal?

    - If I dont have any listeners, mouseover will still show a blank qtip
    - Is there any...
  5. Add inputValue: 'true' to its configuration
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    DWR is much nicer, and its overhead is very minimal. Your service objects dont have to be coupled to JSON (which is a pretty awful design, lets be honest, and your other option is to add another...
  7. it does work, but it does not seem to notice when its container is resized.

    So when you first open it up by clicking on the button in the example, there is a horizontal scrollbar. Resizing the...
  8. Doesnt on Mac/Safari
  9. One of the biggest issues of this is that the tmce view does not resize when its container (in this case, the dialog window) is resized.
  10. Actually, despite the protestations of some, I'm glad to say that 2.0.1 fixes this issue and adds an autoEncode option to editorgrid, which does all the encoding needed. I'm glad someone saw reason,...
  11. One feature I'd like to request is the ability to have items entered in the field that arent in the store.

    For example, think of a tagging system (or an email to field). You can select an existing...
  12. Hi Doug,

    Can you elaborate on the execScript solution? I have full control over the iframe, and its contents are updated by my code programmatically (something similar to update).

    What would I...
  13. Great extension!

    Though I'm having an interesting issue with it. What I'd like to do is register a keymap for the panel so that the esc key can dismiss it.

    So for example, when creating an ext...
  14. Does anyone have a reasonable workaround for this? It's affecting IE6 but not IE7 or FF/Safari.
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    Do you guys lock Brian up in a cage and only feed him when he produces a document? I've never seen such good docs and such a great turnaround anywhere else without threats of physical violence.
  16. PageSizer looks very useful! One suggestion, how about using a template for the text? That way it can all be in one string and so more easily internationalised.
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    Sure! If it's in NYC then shouldnt be a problem.
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    We're looking to contract someone to produce 2-3 ext 2.0 custom themes. We have some existing 'skins', and we'd basically want someone to have a look at what we have, and come up with ext themes that...
  19. The fix posted by Jack in this thread doesnt actually work, the right fix (or at least one that works for me) is to use a subclass of ColumnModel to handle it. This works in both 1.x and 2.0:

  20. Yay, even better than the previous workaround!

    I agree re someone injecting js for their own pages, but the example above shows someone doing it such that they get data from other users. Granted,...
  21. I'm not ignoring it, because this argument to me seems to imply that XSS attacks dont exist, which is not something I'm willing to debate (because this isnt the forum for it). While on one level I do...
  22. Err, the only sane usecase for this would be in textareas, a textfield that allows markup would be pretty stupid and bad design imho, since all you'd be able to do is have one liners.

    Likewise for...
  23. I agree with you Alan. Here's a thread about the same issue:

    The reason its a valid XSS attack is that this isnt a matter of the user submitting...
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    I'd like to present a printable type view of a page (and also allowing said page to be opened in excel), and as part of that, I'd like to basically get rid of all links. Not just blank out the hrefs,...
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    Are there are docs/tutorials/guides being worked on now so we know what to port and what code has to change? I'm eager to try out 2.0, but with a heavy investment in 1.0 its tricky to dive in without...
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