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  1. Nevermind this seems to be a bug with 4.1
  2. Is anyone else having the problem where you type 123 rapidly in the field and it ends up looking like this 1.0023.

    It seems that the field will autopad the decimals on first keydown but then leave...
  3. You might want to switch

    value = value.toString().replace(this.currencySymbol + ' ', '');


    value = value.toString().replace(this.currencySymbol , '').trim();
  4. Hmm, it's been a little bit since I did my test but if I remember correctly I was unable to make any jsonp requests.

    I added * to the domains whitelist etc and still had no luck. Putting the same...
  5. I think there are still some inherent issues with st2 and pg2. were you successful in porting your app to 2.0?

    I am rolling back to PG 1.9 for now.
  6. I was able to get PhoneGap 2.0 to work with Sencha Touch 2.

    The two things that tripped me up:
    1. in the app.json file make sure you set logger to "false" in your buildOptions parameter.
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    Thanks! I'm really looking forward to this one...

    Great job on the designer!
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    Is it possible to call functions within templates using the designer interface?

    I'm trying to do something simple (outside of the designer interface ) but struggling to find the right place within...
  9. Extract the zip to any folder and run the following

    JSBuilder -p '<folder>/app.jsb2' -d '<folder>/Builds/'
    where <folder> is path to the extracted files eg: /Users/bhaidaya/Documents/test/
  10. I am using SDK Tools downloaded from the site a moment agoand trying to build an app for Extjs 2.3 .

    I have an app that has 50+ js files that i can successfully build a package for but the build...
  11. ...

    GREAT! I can't wait to see whats ahead! For now i'll have to wait though as all of the applications i build are served up on systems that require me to edit the readers and proxies because...
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    In the selector field you can specify a great level of detail.

    The code below would look for an element with the id 'app-controls' and within that element a button with a custom attribute named...
  13. I was able to add several custom components in but am unable to do a certain few.

    Is it possible to introduce a custom reader extended from the

    I need to override the...
  14. After Re-watching the video i can see the use of the userAlias and userClassName in conjunction with the drag drop of the panel. That all makes sense.

    I'm still a bit confused on the namespacing...
  15. How do i add a custom component to my toolbox correctly?..

    I'm new to designer. I've been with Extjs since it was called yui-ext.

    I am currently as an exercise taking an existing application...
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    This thread feels dead but here goes.. might still be useful info for someone:

    if you are getting the error
    Node was not found" code: "8

    swap out the following lines

    if (c !== null)...
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    Found a bug:

    // private
    getClientLocation : function(fn, errorFn){
    if (!errorFn) {
    errorFn = Ext.emptyFn;
    if (!this.clientGeo) {
    this.clientGeo =...
  18. Not a waste at all, all in good fun.

    Odd though that when you use f.on({click}) in the plugin init() it doesn't work but when you use the listener directly it does. Must be timing issue...

  19. OK here is what i tried...

    Ext.ux.DisableDoubleClick2 = function(delay){
    delay = delay || 2000;

    return {
    init: function(f){
    click: {
  20. Still not working... I'll test and reply.

    Once i put it into this plugin form it does'nt work..
  21. Your solution works as well and I actually like it better because it doesn't store a value in memory.

    I recall now that when I was using .disable() it was in the handler and that was probably the...
  22. Have you tested that?

    When i tried to simply disable the button it seemed to fail half the time.. maybe the timing of disabling wasn't quick enough..

    trying your solution now...
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    ancient yes! but an answer was never given...
  24. this might help... a plugin to disable double clicks on buttons. It should be easily adaptable to GWT no?
  25. I wrote a simple plugin to disable a button from being double clicked. the time difference is set at 400 which should likely be tweaked if you run into trouble.

    used like this:

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