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  1. thanks i totally missed that
  2. im a bit lost on how to add the items. Do i have to write an function in the carousel to recive the items? and then use something like carousel.add(items). Are there any examples on how to do that i...
  3. I have manage to use a listener to fetch the data i want from a store but cant figure out how to move it to the carousel i defined. Ive looked at the examples in the download files that comes with...
  4. Not by purpose, cant say i really know the difference though, but thanks alot, you have saved my day :)
  5. Hi
    I get an error msg when i try to load a store in my app. The error msg is Uncaught Error: The following classes are not declared even if their files have been loaded: ''.

  6. i actually have the same problem, would be fun to know what's missing :)
    Nevermind i solved it by using
    var store = new instead of
    var store = new{
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