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  1. OMG! :)) Thanks! :)


    Ext.getCmp('flat_id').value = Grid.getSelectionModel().selections.keys[0];

  2. In fp = new Ext.FormPanel i have this:

    xtype: 'hidden',
    id: 'flat_id',
    name: 'flat_id',
    value: ''
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    Hi! Thanks for a great job!

    I have a little problem - cant catch any map events (try with 'click')
    Full source of map part here

    with GEvent:
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    Have the same questions - how can I get node ID inside Ext.dd.DropTarget ?
    Have you solve this ?

    Code part:


    var Drop2Tree = new Ext.dd.DropTarget(CatTree.getEl(), {
  5. its not help for me
    can you give your source code?
  6. Sorry, your nickname - I was sure that you are russian
    I have no solution and switch to other things
    If you'll find the solution - put it here please
  7. Неа, забил хер ;)
  8. I try use subj with InlineTextArea ( great thanks for it! ) and it's not work together (i cant modify textarea content)

    My HTML:

    <div id="tip">
    <textarea id="tip-content">
    some text here...
  9. Thanks a lot for you!!
  10. Thanks a lot!

    Is it possible to do subj?
    I mean plain text that transform to TextArea on click.
    I think it's must looks like googles notebook fields.
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