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  1. I am also trying to achieve the above. How to achieve in Ext 4.2?
  2. Hi Condor,
    We have implemented grid using ColumnHeaderGroup plugin.
    Now how to make the same...
  3. Hi Condor,
    Could you please tell me how much do you charge for your solution ?
  4. In extjs 4.2 , Locking Grouping Header grid has been implemented. Now in extjs 3.4 how to replicate this feature? Combining grid column grouping & freeze pane locking functionality . ...
  5. how to identify for what columns , filter has been applied or not in extjs 3.4?

    function putImagesOnEachColumnHeader(store){ if(store.isFiltered()){ // code to find out what }}
  6. My task is to put an image on the extjs grid column header whenever filter is applied in that column. When filter is cleared remove the image from the grid column header.
    How to achieve this in...
  7. Sorry guys,
    I found the mistake.
    prototype is like adding a feature to the Region.
    so i had to override Region then add the function getCollapsedEl.
    Now it is working.
  8. How to override Ext.layout.BorderLayout.Region .prototype?
    I need to make changes to it but wondering how to override it.
    getCollapsedEl : function(){...
  9. when you de select the css class then it does not display
  10. Hi,
    Thank you, for the reply.
    How would the page work when css are disabled in the browser?
    How to display close,minimize,restore buttons viewable when css is disabled.
    In IE, internet options...
  11. How to display minimize,maximize,restore and close buttons in Ext.Window without the use of css. In Ext.Window initTools : function(){ if(this.minimizable){
  12. How to solve the above mentioned problem. Since the above criteria needs to be implemented for 508 compliance.
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