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  1. well my workaround is now:

    on store.load() callback find the record index of the selected record, deselect all and select the index.

    not really good fix, but it works.
  2. I just also run into this bug! is there any workaround or fix?

    My use case:

    - i have a grid, with doubleclick i open a dialog and can modify records.
    - the dialog save, saves the records...
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    well yes and no...
    1. i don't know exactly what is possible with sencha complete etc...
    2. well extjs is just a frontend and not a backend with database access... so you have to write/generate your...
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    well we don't use sencha command and the mvc (because in the time we started our application that didn't exist), so we had to build our own application structure with front- and backend and database...
  5. Is there a changes to get a beta access to 4.2?
  6. hey sorry, but could you tell in what build this bug could be fixed? so i can test it?

    cause we have a customer that what to edit his big grids with [tab] and at the moment that's not working :(
  7. Yes your are right, that is was is was expecting (and how it worked will 4.1.0).
    Scrolling to the selection yes but and also fire the selection event (cause there are several other grids and panels...
  8. for real: i have no idea. maybe the example does non sens here.
    i don't use this in my own grids/stores ;) - just didn't clear all the stuff from the example.

    maybe you should open a new thread...
  9. what is "our latest code"?
    i've now checked with the last nightly build ("").

    And there is still the problem. :(
  10. The autoDestroy is that the store is destroyed with the grid. See the comment in the cell-editing example i build my demo on.
    But this has nothing to do with the problem/bug.

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.3
    Browser versions tested against:


    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.3
    Browser versions tested against:

  13. thanks for your reply.

    i do reconfigure the store always with both store and column definition.

    but as far as i see in...
  14. hey,

    have a strange problem.
    i have a big grid about 30 columns and 1600 items.
    but thats not enough ;) the grid has to different column-definitions and to speed it up i work with multiple...
  15. also not fixed in EXT 4.1.1 RC2

    seems to me like sencha sees no need to fix that :(

    maybe it's helpful to write a line where this makes problems:

    if you write your own colum with a special...
  16. will this be a bug in next time or can't i assume the parameter for getEditor in my own column as they are documented?
  17. I also ran into this right now.

    After a little testing i did a Ext.override that fixes the missing/wrong initialized collapsedState when startCollapsed is set.

    Here is my code and it works fine...
  18. now i did it, but it's still not working - well
    Ext.selection.RowModel#onEditorTab is caling getEditor without any parameter so the but for me still has to be there ;)
  19. REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Ext 4.1.0 RC3
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 18
    The Ext.selection.RowModel#onEditorTab calles getEditor without parameter. As...
  20. yes i did, but didn't help.

    after that model.get('id') returned null as is should but model.phantom is/was false anyway :(
  21. my workaround now is to set the phantom flag on the beginning of the first column renderer if there is no id.

    that isn't really nice but it works, and as far as my debugging skills in the ext...
  22. that was also the line i found but i'm very confused because to me it seems that this method is never called.
    i did a console.log in the override that never came. the override itself works (checked...
  23. the backend is our own php server side. so the server sends json like

    result: [{
    id: 50,
    text: "entry from database"
    id: null,
    text: "fake...
  24. i have a strange problem and can't find anything about...

    i have a grid (models+store+...) that is loaded from my backend via REST.
    the backend sends a list of objects (some with id - these...
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    hey i like the ux very much too, it's really cool and exactly what i was looking for.

    it worked for me perfect with Ext JS 4.0.7 but no i have to switch to 4.1 (because of many grid performance...
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