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    Has this plugin been ported to 2.X yet?
    I don't see any updates in, but maybe the 2.x port was developed in another repo...

    Would be really...
  2. Upgraded to st2-b3 and issue was fixed!
  3. *bump*
  4. Hi Mitchell,

    thanks for your response.

    I know this is the behaviour of the usePicker, config variable.
    However, when set to false, i expect the floated panel with a list component. This is...
  5. Hi,

    when i choose not to use the picker for selectFields, on android, an empty list is shown.
    This was not the case on st2-b1!

  6. Hi could the community please give me feedback on the performance of this application:

    This app was built with st2.0b1. It uses build/sencha-touch-all.js and was not...
  7. So there's no validation of model instances?
    Then how do we validate forms in the meantime? :)
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    I figured that one out by inspecting the StoreManager.
    But thx anyway.

    Keep up the good work!
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    Are there any restrictions on the storeId? Because I can't seem to get references to my store instances...

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
  10. btw, make sure you do the same for .pop()
    So you need to keep track of the views on the stack yourself, in order to activate the previous view on the stack when you want to pop a view.

  11. Hi, this is still undocumented, so could you please tell me what values the orientation string can have?
    I have this code, but it seems orientation is never equal to Ext.Viewport.PORTRAIT:

  12. Seems you have to manually set the activeItem to make the android devices navigate to the correct item on the stack:

    //android workaround...
  13. I have the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.2.
    However, i don't set the title manually.
    I'm using an MVC setup as well.
  14. Any idea when this bug wil be fixed?

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