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  1. Hi folks,

    Is it possible to take a panel which is compromised of accordians, and have one of the accordians automatically expand on window load? Is there a particular event I can trigger in order...
  2. You learn something new everyday!

    Thanks dotnetCarpenter. :-)
  3. Hi folks,

    I'm almost embarrassed to ask, but what's the purpose of using this blank image? Is it simply to give indication to a developer that pathing is set proper?

    I find this in a lot of...
  4. Thanks for the reply guys, got it working. :-)
  5. Hey peeps,

    I'm looking to write a simple JS based API that calls my server to retrieve simple key:value pair type data. Since cross-domain XHR isn't available, it looks like ScriptTagProxy uses...
  6. Well just to help folks who might be searching the forums in the future, I ended up using the renderer property with a utility function did the trick for me. It looks something like the following:...
  7. Hi all,

    Is it possible to use a renderer function to take a value that's a TIMESTAMP datafield in a MySQL database and format it from something like:

    2007-12-25 18:54:32

    to something like
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    Hi Tim,

    Thank you so much for the reply.

    I do understand that my 'workaround' is cheap in style, expensive in cost. It's plain and simple an ugly work around. I believe when I tried just...
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    I almost figured it out, but I'm definitely not pleased with the quality of my code. This loads the data dynamically based on my text input value... however it keeps appending a grid each time I...
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    Well, what's funny is I got the code working with the following:

    var store = new{
    // load using HTTP
    proxy: new...
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    Hey folks,

    I'm not getting any js errors here so I'm having a bit of trouble debugging my grid here. I'm just trying to populate a very simple grid with some json data returned from the server....
  12. Thanks Animal. Does load no longer take the method configuration property in 2.0? I'd like to be able to POST versus the default GET.

  13. Hi all,

    I have a rudimentary grid that I'd like to update based on text provided with user input. Essentially the Json returned from the server will be unique based on this search. I'm a bit...
  14. Looks like I resolved this by forcing a method of POST in my code. I'm not sure why in the world IE would append a query string to my submit, versus FF/Safari using a standard POST request.
  15. Hey folks, think I'm getting closer to tracking down the problem. For whatever reason, when I submit the update in IE7, a query string gets attached to my URL that resembles the following:

  16. Hi fay,

    It's really bizarre because there are zero errors and the code works great in everything but IE. I don't really have a way to troubleshoot the AJAX on the client-side for IE either.
  17. Hi all,

    Would anyone be kind enough to suggest a way for me to debug this issue? Using IE7, I can properly edit the grid and 'Save Updates', however the changes aren't making it back to the...
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    I already defended myself re: the music on another forum, here's the reasoning:


    Oh, and I also did tell them the music on the landing page is
    obtrusive and very annoying for any user who...
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    Wow, I feel like I just gave birth.

    So there's certainly some bugs left which I'm tweaking out, but I've finally delivered not only my first web application -- but also an ExtJS/jQuery powered one...
  20. Hi Maxim,

    So there's no way to use applyTo() to an input button? :-)

    - sf
  21. Ok, so this question is confusing for me to properly state.

    I'm going to give it a try in hopes someone can comprehend what I'm asking.

    In the examples, it's typical for a form to be created...
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    Hi all,

    What's my best bet to enlarge the size of the following grid:

    Is this a toggle in some CSS or do I need to toggle something in the actual...
  23. Thank you kindly all, learned a lot from this experience.

    Ofcourse, this is an end-user issue and not by any means an Ext issue. This was a design flaw on my database schema. I was allowing the...
  24. Perhaps I'm having issues because my backend doesn't work well with GET requests. Is there anyway to have my POST instead of GET?
  25. Hi fay -

    First and foremost, thank you kindly for your reply.

    I'm having the issues using FF2 on OS/X. I haven't checked IE6/7 yet, but I'm assuming the issue will be the same. It's really...
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