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  1. I have a form with modelValidation: true and a combobox with a store like this

    store: {
    fields: ['id','value','label'],
    data: [
    "id": 1,
  2. I have a base layer which is created from the db schema with PHP. This layer is then extended in main layer. Most of the generic logic is in the base layer.

    Hierarchy looks like this

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    It should be noted somewhere in documentation that if there is an afterRender method on the, it will be called automatically by Ext.util.Renderable!!!

  4. I managed to fix this by sending an empty array from the server, if there are no associations.

    [{ id: 1,
    name: 'Location with types',
    types: [{
    id: 1,
  5. You can use's static getProxy() method to get the reader and read records manually:

    var reader = APP.model.Model.getProxy().getReader(),
    model =...
  6. I've got the same problem. It only occurs when I have 7 or more columns. When you resize some column, it automatically sorts. I will try to reproduce it in the fiddle.
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    Here is an idea. Let's make a better grid with web components!
  8. Hi

    I have two models Location and File defined. Location has a reference to parent Location. Is this the right way to define a parent->children like relation in models?

  9. I have a manyToMany association between Location and LocationType. If I bind dataview store to {location.types}, the store will try to load the data from the server.

  10. I had to use your fix with addition fix in the Boot.js to load scripts from

    Boot.js after line 647

    Request.prototype = {
    $isRequest: true,

    prependBaseUrl: true,
  11. For now I'm overriding the Request in Boot.js

    function Request(cfg) {
    if(cfg.$isRequest) {
    return cfg;

    var cfg = cfg.url ? cfg : {url: cfg},
  12. After reading the forums I found this thread

    We need a config option to control this!
  13. Hey

    I'm using Yii with mod_rewrite. My admin interface is in and I keep my app source inside Microloader is trying to load files from the webroot...
  14. I can confirm this.

    $ sencha app build production
    Sencha Cmd v5.0.1.231
    [INF] Processing Build Descriptor : default
    [INF] Loading app json manifest...
    [INF] Writing content to...
  15. Not sure if this classifies as a bug, but running sencha upgrade --beta actually wants to downgrade. In my opinion it should try to upgrade to the latest possible version even with the --beta option....
  16. Check out
  17. Try Ext.grid.Panel-method-suspendEvents
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    That's why you have
  19. I know I could use border layout for this, but this should work, right?

  20. See this fiddle
  21. OK so I figured out that if I put both Location and LocationType stores into session, I can load location types with nested data like this

    id: 496,
    countryId: 194,
    name: "test...
  22. Is there a way to load many-to-many in a nested fashion?

    I have two models: Location and LocationType. I want to autoLoad all Locations with their LocationTypes and display them on the map as...
  23. Add formula to ViewModel!/api/
  24. Download and extract ExtJS then navigate to source/examples/ticket-app/ and play with it. Ticket and Kitchensink apps are the best examples. But they...
  25. I'd also like to see some more complex examples and docs about this topic.

    For now, I handle all the routing in the MainViewController which belongs to MainView. This view is created on...
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