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  1. Ok, then what is the solution? How to consume this kind of data for nested list?
  2. Check out these tutorial videos which explain how to bundle your app using Phonegap.
  3. I have observed that whenever I use template or HTML in scrollable panel the height/width calculation for scrolling panel goes for toss, so try using `image` component instead of `img` tag in HTML.
  4. I am fetching nested data to be shown as nested list but whenever I tap on top level item, it again shows same top level list instead of showing children list and a ajax request is fired to fetch...
  5. I have seen this problem when parent container has some height/width values and those are less than inside scrollable container's width+padding+margin etc. Try increasing height and/or width and...
  6. Because of this issue I have added wrapper method to strip special characters like this :

    addToHistory : function(myHash, silent) {
  7. There are couple of phonegap + sencha touch tutorials on this link:
  8. Steffen, how did you do this? Can you share some code?
  9. I want to create dataitem in a list which looks like this:

    but I am unable to render middle `vbox` section with 3 components.
    I am following this example :...
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    I have lots of panel in view(like gallery) and each has some unique data set in config so, how do I access that inside the tap function because I only have reference to element not panel object?
  11. I am trying to use spket plugin for code complete suggestions in eclipse using this tutorial :
    The problem...
  12. This is what I use:

    Ext.Ajax._defaultHeaders = {
    'token' : (loggedInUserToken == undefined) ? "" : loggedInUserToken,
    'Accept': 'application/json',
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    Check this out
  14. Thanks Man!
    I did not know that docked items doesn't use top/left positioning :s
    It seems to be working fine

    xtype : 'toolbar',
  15. I want image title to be shown over the image and for that I used a docked titlebar on top of image and made it transparent using CSS. My problem is {overlay : true} because of which I am getting...
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    Then it should have worked for me because I am adding Panel as list item and I am using 2.1
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    Can you please elaborate? DO you mean I can add dataview in a list item?
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    I am trying to dynamically add list(with its items) to my container. Instead of simple HTML template, I need list items to contain panel with a title bar, image & few more things.To do this I am...
  19. But what's the problem in supporting HTTP headers in JSONP because it seems like legitimate requirement from my point of view. More and more apps are talking to web services these days and server...
  20. For time being I have disabled Authorization header requirement and moved ahead with JSONP but I am sure in future I have to come back and see how to add CORS support to my server. If you know how to...
  21. Due to time crunch on my project I had to stop debugging and chuck it after a while, but once I am done with it I'll revisit this plugin and let you know my findings.
  22. I am trying to get data from web services from my app to load a list and to load more on scroll using pull refresh & ListPaging plugins. I tried this with flickr API and it works fine, but problem...
  23. Is there any tried and tested Accordion plugin for Sencha Touch 2.1?
    I found one by mitchellsimoens but that is for 2.0.1 and its not working with 2.1.
    Since Accordion is commonly used layout on...
  24. Thanks!
    Your hack to do deferred refresh worked for me ;), I actually tried refresh many times but never tried deferred execution.
    For those who want to see the code:

    var l =...
  25. On tap handler of a panel I am creating a list(which uses itemTpl), then populating its store with relevant items and then setting it to the container. When this list is shown first item is shown...
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