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  1. Hi,

    Same problem occurred in xml reader response as well when server returns 204 no content
    response.In this case extjs data reader class throws exception,how to handle in xml reader
  2. Hi yyogev,

    Where can i find the multilevel grouping plug-in which is compatible with EXTJS 4.1.3 ?

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    Can any one find this multilevel grouping grid plug-in compatible for version 4.1.3 ?
  4. Hi ,

    Am using standard submit option for my form panel, for download a file from server based some parameter from client, problem is am trying to pass a this extra parameter via (url (attached...
  5. Hi,

    XSL and JS file formats

  6. Hi ,

    I didn't get your point,Can you please brief it,my purpose is just read the file from server and
    showing it in to GUI.

  7. Hi,

    I am sending file with other form data's from client to server, using multipart/form-data, successfully
    retrieved all the values, using multipart api's ,again am reading files from server and...
  8. Please, Can any one answer the above questions ?

    Waiting for reply...

  9. Hi Scott,

    At what extent we can use sandbox mode?

    sandbox mode has support ?

    does sandbox mode support MVC ?

  10. Scott,Thanks for your reply

    In extjs 3 our application is working fine.

    The reason for migration is to exploit the features of extjs 4 and it's performance,most of the plugins which we use...
  11. Hi,

    Our application which is currently running on extjs 3,Thought of moving 3 to 4,But the constraint is our application is too large which is using extjs 3 framework extensively and lot of...
  12. Hi,

    I have added extjs4 ext-all-sandbox.js in my main page...What is procedure to add ext4 components

    inside ext3 component.How to declare the Ext4 and 3 name spaces....

    I have got an error...
  13. Hi mitchell,

    If i remove the group icon will remove icons from all the groups,i wanted to add/remove

    icons for particular group,because i have gone through the row actions group div...
  14. Any solutions for the above request ??? :-?
  15. Hi,

    I am using Ext.ux.grid.RowActions(3.1.1) plugin for my grid panel.Have a requirement to dynamically

    add/remove group icons for particular group based on some actions static group icons.......
  16. Hi,

    I am using extjs 3.1.x version ,am using Ext.ux.grid.RowActions plugin in my grid,in that have requirement already have groupaction icon,on click of this icon should change to another icon,...
  17. Hi,

    I am trying to create custom theme,I am following the below link to create new theme

    Am able to create new css file,but all images background url...
  18. Hi,

    I am using extjs 4.0.7 version,can anyone tell me how to set a tool tip for expand/collapse icons
    of border layout regions?

  19. Any Suggestions for the above issue.....
  20. Hi,

    Currently we are migrating our application's extjs version from 4.0.7 to 4.1.x.we will be using our
    custom theme's for our application.Am able to successfully compile 4.0.7 theme to 4.1.x...
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    Scott thanks for your response.

    People are very curious about look and feel,I don't know about flash integration with extjs,please

    suggest me if you have any idea on this.... basic Intention is...
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    But i understand chart code is in SVG....
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    You are right,is this possible in extjs .or else if we have one static image from that we can move
    needle base on the values from the server.....
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    Attached few more gauge images for clear representation ......

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    Thanks Scott for your immediate response.....

    Basically our people looking for full dials with different colors with meters,I have attached the image
    please have a look at it...and comment .......
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